Essay on Verbal and Visual Memory

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Date:  2022-05-21


Verbal memory refers to the recollection of words and other concepts of language, which is usually used in cognitive psychology. Tests of verbal memory present the patient with multiple trials of learning a list of words to help restore their memory and can be assessed by the use of neuropsychological test (Baddeley, 2013). Visual memory is a form of memory that preserves some characteristics of the human sense through the use of visual experience. Through visual memory, one can store information about objects, people, animals, and places in a mental image.

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The California verbal learning test is a neuropsychological test center in North America, used to measure the episodic verbal learning and memory problems (Helmstaedter et al., 2009). The Rey-Osterrieth figure test is a neuropsychological valuation, which requires patients to reproduce line drawings freehandedly to measure recognition and recall (Pena-Casanova et al., 2009).

The California verbal learning test can assess the mental and memory abilities of Ms. D. through running a various test such as conducting multiple trials of a list of numbers, doing rehearsals such as repetition of something, helping Ms. D to associate verbal words with items or symbols (Helmstaedter et al., 2009). The facility can also explain and demonstrate the strategies such as setting the alarm and placing related objects to jog the memory of Ms. D. The Rey-Osterrieth. Again, figure test can run its usual test of performing a complex test of freehand drawings, verbal fluency and visual motor integration and cognitive ability (Pena-Casanova et al., 2009).

The Rivermead behavioral memory test is the memory assessment that provides a test with more contemporary materials. The main benefits of administering this test are its applicability and reliability as a way of giving an updated version of memory tests (Baddeley, 2013). The test can be used to measure the frequently used parts of the brain, therefore, making judgments a long-term prognosis; this will help understand Ms. D's memory abilities through establishing her impairments that give rise to disability through ecological validity (Baddeley, 2013). Other assessments might include Neuropsychological testing, which measures the overall level cognitive testing, the mini-mental state examination, which is used to assess the registration of words in the memory, and the mental status questionnaire, which includes items that assess orientation of place, time and ability to name past or historical events.


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