Essay Example on the Human Genome Project (HGP)

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In the world of medicine, genetics presents an entirely different specialty which is complex and continues to be further complicated every new day. Several discoveries have been made in the sphere of genetics. Before the human genome project, the field of medicine had little knowledge on how human genes work (Boyd). The genome is composed of several genes which collectvely dictate several human beings' aspects ranging from an individual's character traits to the explanation of the etiologies of different chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Moreover, the importance of the human genome project cannot be overlooked since it has had significant contribution towards development of medications which are disease-specific based on the presentation of a person genetic make-up. The essay will, therefore, center on the importance of the HGP that seized 13 years for the completion of 3.2 billion base pairs and how it has impacted the life of people in the world.

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Literature Review

The Human Genome Project involved the normal conclusion of the antiquity of study in genetics. In 1911, Sturtevant recognized that he needed to map the localities of the fruit fly genetic factor whose metamorphoses getting tracked over generations by the Morgan laboratory. The genetic material found in organisms that are multicellular known as the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) which is a double helix. It comprises of all the genes found in the human body. Deoxyribonucleic acid, also, consists of nuclear bases that are four in number. The pairs create the "rungs" of the coil and ladder-shaped molecules of the DNA (Rickenbach). All genetic material contains springs of bases which are four in number, organized in diverse ways with different stretches. Researchers of HGP decrypted the human genome using three main ways. They entail establishing the order of all the bases found in our genome's DNA; it involves creating maps that demonstrate the positions of a genetic factor for the major sectors of our chromosomes. Also generating maps for linkage, over which hereditary characters like those for inherited illness can get traced over generations.

The Human Genome Project enabled the discovery of approximately 20,500 human genetic factors. The finished sequence of the human body can presently ascertain their localities. The eventual product of the Human Genome Project has provided the globe a comprehensive source of data concerning the institution, configuration, and role of the comprehensive set of the genetic material found in man. The facts can become assumed as the simple set of heritable "directives" for the growth and purpose of human existence (Haddad).

The Genome Sequencing Association printed the initial sketch of mankinds genome. The publishing was done in the Journal of Nature in 2001 alongside the series of all the three billion genome's base pairs. An unexpected outcome of the initial draft confirmed that the quantity of human genetic factor seemed considerably less than estimates in the past. However, the complete sequence got done and became printed in the year 2003 ("An Overview of the Human Genome Project").

After publication in 2001, the bulk of the genome provided a description of the expedition

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