Essay Example on the Climate Change

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Date:  2021-06-23

Summary of The Current Event

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Climate change is amongst the most life-threatening catastrophes that the world is currently facing. There have been a drastic regional and global climate change patterns apparent from the mid of the 20th century. The factor that has attributed most to the climate change include the gradual increase of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere as a result of massive consumptions and burning of the fossil fuels. The adverse changes in the environment include increased temperatures, negative air and water quality, extreme events like flooding and pest infestation with economic impacts as well as increased violent related events. The results of the climate change are not without adverse heath related issues to the human beings which cover the social, physical and mental or psychological well-being. This assignment will cover the current events on climate change about concepts on social determinants of health.

The Assigned Material about the Current Event

Social determinants of health are the settings and circumstances in which people get born in, grow in, live, work and age. Various factors shape the social determinants of life, and they include the economic, social and the physical environment. Putting more emphasis on the physical environment, the various climate change-related environmental factors like heat waves, flooding and storms impact negatively on the social well-being of the people. The trauma these people who get affected by the harsh environmental suffer trauma which may forever impact have negative results in their lives (Senthilingam, 2017). The change in climate is predicted to cause more adverse effects including loss of land, drought affecting the agriculture sector as well as forced migration. The plethora issues that come along plaguing the human mind include worrying, depression, anxiety, aggression, depression and to some extend some of the victims contemplate suicide when the conditions are unbearable (Senthilingam, 2017).

Doctors from all the corners of the country and far beyond have testified to the fact that climate change makes the people sicker. According to the reports given by the physicians, the harms of the climate change are harsher to the children, the elderly population in the society, those with chronic illnesses, low incomes and people of color (Howard, 2017). According to the medical report, there has been a radical increase in lung diseases and asthma which have all been exacerbated by prolonged allergy seasons and weather conditions. The weather has become more conducive for disease-carrying insects which spread severe illnesses like Zika and Lyme viruses, as well as water and food contamination. According to the World Health Organization, there will be a total of 240,000 deaths within a year by 2030 (Rice, 2017).


The increase in climate change is a factor that cannot be overlooked. Currently, the effects of climate change have been so severe especially to the total well-being of the human beings. The more the climate deteriorates, the sever the physical, psychological and physical wellbeing of the people become. The physical environment social determinates of health factor have of late had negative impacts on all individuals and more so adverse effects of climate change. If at all persons continue to be reckless with the environment, more lives and resources will be lost, hence increased sickness. Conserving the environment has far fewer expenses that the efforts and remedies that will be consumed as people try to fix the damages they cause to the environment. Environment protection and conservation should be the responsibility of all people and nations.


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