Essay Sample on Team Working: Dangers & Costs of Poor Care for Patients

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Date:  2023-02-09

Patients need better care; hence, coordination among doctors and nurses to work together. Through a team working together, there is sharing of knowledge and experience, which makes doctors and nurses know the best way of handling patients. However, in some scenarios, the quality of the work offered by the team members is poor; the outcomes are adverse as patients may not receive the care they deserve. In this context, therefore, the primary aim is to share about dangers and unnecessary cost that may result in uncoordinated care. Apart from that, it also focuses on how communication and collaborations of different disciplines may hinder the occurrence of unfortunate events.

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One of the dangers resulting in uncoordinated care in health is poor communication among the team members. In any case, doctors and nurses are brought together to handle a particular health problem they need to be able to talk freely (Mitchell & Golden, 2012). However, in the case, group members have a problem when it comes to sharing what they feel they forget their primary agenda. In this case, the primary agenda is that they are brought together, providing better care for the patient. For instance, when a team performing surgery to the patient are not well communicating this may lead to one's harm or demise (Wynia, Von Kohorn, & Mitchell, 2012). Due to this, the hospital will have to offer an explanatory on how the patient died while in surgery. This results in losses to the hospital, mostly if the relatives of the patients are willing to take legal action.

On the other hand, communication and interdisciplinary collaboration may hinder bad outcomes in the provision of health care. Firstly disclosure provides grounds on which team members get to talk on the best way to treat the patient (Stubbe, 2013). It creates room for discussion, allowing members to come with various techniques of helping the patient and even developing a backup plan if all does not go as planned. On the other hand, people from different departments help in the provision of different skills and knowledge on how to best deal with the case present to them.


In conclusion, for a team to effectively work together, there should be excellent communication among the members. This will create honesty and transparency among each other. Apart from that, it makes each member feel appreciated; however, less his or her rank is working correctly.


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