Essay Example on Supply Chain Management Framework: Achieving Competitive Advantage

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The supply chain management framework refers to the process of monitoring and managing all procedures necessary for the transformation of raw materials into the final product. The method also involves aligning the secondary activities of a business to its core objectives in ensuring total customer satisfaction (Peng, Prybutok and Xie, 2020). The efficient management of the supply chain guarantees an organization a competitive advantage in the industry, ensuring its survival. The telecommunication industry needs to focus on the security of its supply chain framework to safeguard customers’ information. The telecommunication industry must also be aware of the possibilities of third-party suppliers who provide malicious software and hardware equipment that may negatively affect their supply chain (Peng, Prybutok and Xie, 2020). The integration of information and communication technology is needed to develop an appropriate supply chain framework for the telecommunication industry.

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Stakeholders Relationships

A smooth supply chain does not only depend on the technical means, but all members involved in the procedures. The telecommunication industry needs to consider the role of suppliers and establish a good relationship to ensure mutual benefit (Ivanov and Dolgui, 2020). The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the telecommunication industry, mainly due to the government directives of total lockdown. Potential equipment suppliers have faced slowdowns in Asia that have led to a reduction in the number of operations in the telecom companies.

The lockdown has also slowed down the build-up of 5G fiber optics networks for faster communication. Due to the lockdown measures, telecommunication companies have suffered a reduction in inventory required for various functions of expanding their operations. Omantel communications have launched several programs to support their suppliers, customers, and employees during this pandemic (Ivanov and Dolgui, 2020). The employees work from home using skype, zoom, and Google Meet to curb transmission. The suppliers have been provided with an online platform of customer care service where orders and payments can be made electronically. Omantel has also ensured that its customers can purchase mobile phones through their application and get it delivered at their doorstep. These steps have ensured that the company keeps a healthy and robust relationship with its stakeholders during these hard times building its reputation.


A smooth supply chain management framework requires appropriate operational technologies and current cybersecurity control systems to mitigate data leakages. Quality engineering practices in telecommunication companies depend on the type of products and equipment in use (Ivanov and Dolgui, 2020). Efficient software and hardware tools ensure that the services provided to customers meet the set standards of quality and effectiveness. Telecommunication industries need to only use certified and licensed products in their engineering framework to ensure data security.

Licensed software and hardware help in fast-tracking of defects in the supply chain system that can be repaired quickly. Omantel company has a carefully-engineered application that carries out various functions at the click of a button. Customers can remotely top-up and check their balances, monitor their data usage, purchase gift cards, make payments on subscriptions like Netflix, and get the latest deals available. The company also has an integrated system of customer care service that is up and running 24/7 to serve its customers efficiently and timely.

Secure Product Operations and Sustainment

The telecommunication industry must always maintain up-to-date products and services to remain competitive. The companies need to ensure that random maintenance to the systems is carried out to ensure adequate functionality. The telecoms must also ensure that their systems use the latest security versions to protect their data (Ivanov and Dolgui, 2020). Omantel communication has guaranteed that its operations are not interfered with by the pandemic by launching virtual programs that continue to serve their customers with ease. The company has also partnered with the ministry of education in providing e-learning services that use the latest technologies to support remote learning.

Consumer Preference and Behavior

Consumer preference can be referred to as the tastes that someone owns individually. The subjective tastes usually are measured using the utility of different bundles of goods. The tastes enable one to rank the various goods according to the amount of utility they provide (De Pelsmaeker, Schouteten, Lagash, Dewettinck, and Gellynck,2017). Typically, subjective tastes are not dependent on income neither the prices of the goods. On the other hand, consumer behavior can be referred to as how someone or a firm selects the particular goods that satisfy their wants and needs. It explains the engagements of consumers in the market as they try to find the best to satisfy their needs.

One of the theories that explain consumers’ behavior is the Psychoanalytic theory. The theory explains that the behavior of human beings is revolutionary. Human beings are may never be fully aware of their motivations because of the underlying psychological factors in their lives. Their minds are often filled with desires and want, but they choose to repress them because of the substantial guilt and shame that they can cause when the desires surface (Singh, Srivastava and Sinha, 2017). Another theory that explains consumer behavior is the Marshallian theory. The theory explains that consumers purchase goods and services based on what offers most individual satisfaction.

Product design and development is often affected by consumers’ preference and behavior. Product design can be referred to as coming up with new products to be sold to consumers by a business. On the other hand, product development is the development of new ideas brought up to come up with the new product eventually. When an organization wants to come with a new product, they seek to fulfill the needs of consumers. Therefore, the organizations will design and develop the products that best match the preferences of consumers to fulfill their needs. Firms also look at the behavior of consumers when designing and developing products. They will design products that suit the needs of consumers in terms of price, utility, and performance.

Omantel Telecommunication Company and Oman Air, just like any other organization, are affected by consumer preference and behavior in their product design and development. Omantel is a telecommunication company offering services such as internet services. When designing this product, they seek to meet the needs of the majority of internet users. Most people prefer internet connections that are fast and reliable. Omantel has designed their internet provision services in such a manner that is fast and can be accessed all over the country. Also, their internet connection is designed in such a way that it is reliable. They aim at reducing the disappointments brought about by the unreliability of internet connections.

Oman Air is an airline company that deals with both domestic and international flights. The airline produces its services in line with consumers' preferences and behavior. They are some who can spend little than others on their flights. The company has come up with the business and economy class to take of the needs of the different consumers. The flight also with domestic flights spread throughout the country to take of the needs of local travelers. The international flights are also spread around the globe to ensure travelers reach whatever destination they desire. Business class flights have been designed to effectively and efficiently fulfill the wants of business people doing their business in the plane. Other features influenced by the consumers' preference include online booking of flights. Customers don't have to go to offices to book for their flight, and instead, they can make the bookings at the comfort of their home.

The main goal for firms that produce goods and services is to satisfy the needs and wants of consumers. Organizations should consider the preference and behavior of consumers when designing and developing their products. By doing this, consumers will purchase their products and have increased sales volume for their products.

Impact of Advancement of Technology on Businesses

Technology has continued to advance over time, with new software being developed to solve the problems and inefficiencies that businesses experience. Sometimes the companies might be unaware that the difficulties and inefficiencies exist. The evolution of technology has demanded many firms to change the form of their operations (Allas and Hunt,2018). The business uses the new way of technologies, including mobile devices and servers, to gain a competitive advantage against its competitors. Sometimes leaders of organizations feel overwhelmed by the latest technology that continues to come with time (Verbano and Crema,2016). They should, however, be flexible to change with the new advancements. Both small and large business owners should consider new forms of technology in all their operations to achieve more efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.

New aspects of technology benefit organizations in several ways. One, the new technology improves the efficiency and speed of workflow operations. Business beat their competitors when they can respond to information and make good decisions fast. With new technology, companies experience efficiency in the storage and sharing of data (Luftman, Lyytinen, and Zvi, 2017). Employees of the companies no longer have to waste their time looking for information or files. Advancement in technology has also improved communication in organizations. Firms constantly look for improvements to accelerate communication among employees and also with customers.

Oman Air is one of the companies that has been influenced by the advancement of technology. The technology has caused the company to change some of its operations. Through the introduction and widespread of smartphones among many people in the world, the company decided to create an application that would ease some of its operations. The application is called Sinbad mobile application.

Oman’s mobile application is a technological advancement that intends to enhance its customers' travel experience, especially their frequent ones. The application came as an addition to the already existing application in the company called Oman Air. The application has great advantages for travelers. Through the application, the travelers can request redemption, check their mile’s balance, and also see their upcoming bookings on the airline. With these applications, travelers cannot only book their flights but also manage their membership on the airline. Innovation is one of the latest technological development of the organization and is more convenient for customers.

Through technology advancement, people have joined the Oman membership plans to enjoy the benefits of the advancements. Travelers using Oman Airlines have also increased. Due to these factors, the company had experienced an increase in its profit from when the company did not have the advancement. The advancement can be termed as one of the great achievements for the company.

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