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Time management is crucial for firms to attain their long term goals and plan themselves adequately. Effective time management is about how well an activity is carried out, while efficiency time management is analyzing priorities and objectives. Studying to make every action relevant is useful for accomplishing a job. Managing time is crucial for managers in achieving their goals and restructuring organizational functions. Adequate performance is associated with time organization and sufficient strategies. When time management is used efficiently and effectively, it is crucial in mapping out a more positive direction in life.

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People tend to misuse time to indulging in unprofitable and meaningless activities. However, many will not agree that they are wasting time because it is difficult to accept. Productivity and growth is associated with the effective use of time. Time gives one's limits if they do not carry out their jobs and accomplishing their objectives adequately. In being creative and innovative in a unique model, then one needs to be systematic in their dealings and manage schedules.

Lack of a systematic approach is also an aspect of wasting time. Productivity shows that activities and projects are done efficiently and completed on time, making it an easy task. Rules and procedures tend to help a person to be on target and use their time well. Through a five-second rule, it facilitates one to have a deep breath and be prepared for what they need to fulfill (Nicki 6). It assists in eliminating annoying schedules and plans and allows one to be proactive and organized. In efficiently and effectively managing time, then one can sufficiently build healthier relationships in the workplace in accomplishing tasks in the long run. Stress responses are connected to time such that it allows brains to function and doing tasks comprehensively.

Many people value compassion than self-judgment. Various corporations achieve their goals and attain a competitive advantage in the economy as per the way they manage their time. Things built in the past have lost value and meaning in societies due to the aspect of time. However, money also changes the time value as per its rates in the market. Whether people do jobs or not, time will also evolve, and in the long run, people have to measure how effectively they have used their time.

People work for long hours of the day to gain extra incomes and manage their lives. Also, in research, people undertake their studies according to time. There are gaps not filled by a scholar in the literature and have to be analyzed to ascertain the future implications. Time is effectively used in many aspects of life based on valuable insights. Tools that are used by individuals in creating effective and efficient use of time are timers, calendars, and to-do lists. These aspects control one's life in doing the right thing and the structure within the setting. Calendars are sufficient tools to use as it helps one keep track of all projects and functions to undertake.

Individuals can manage their lives by monitoring time and the underlying tasks they have and promoting healthy living in schools and the workplace. In enhancing efficiency in schools, it is essential to use appropriate techniques like the 43 folder creator (Nikki 5). However, many organizations and people are managing their works through apps, which are useful in promoting coordination.

Some tools can be used efficiently and effectively in managing time in accomplishing objectives. However, specific methods of managing time do not fit every individual and should be implemented according to the nature of the task and the people involved. In solving problems, there are approaches to use and adequate apps that are specific to the functions. Companies tend to have complicated deliverables and routines, yet few people take the effort of learning and understanding them in management software.

Lack of knowledge leads to ineffective use of resources and misuse in many corporations today. The software's in the organization is useful for accomplishing individual projects, although people tend to ignore and use other models that consume a lot of time in the long run. Through flexibility, it creates less frustration in completing work on time and promotes efficiency. When people are flexible, they will get everything done and enhance productivity. The advancement in technology has allowed people to manage time effectively. Through calendars, it will enable people to record everyday and future activities and tends to remind them of the plans set, although they have to be proactive. It allows people to organize their time and achieve all tasks in the to-do list.

Managing time allows one to take control of their lives, have self-management, and understand what is most important. Time is a driving force, and what fits one does not always fit everybody, and therefore, every one is unique and has ways of accomplishing their objectives. Priorities tend to lead people, although having the right approaches and models is still challenging. The disadvantage of managing time is being too optimistic in events that create the planning fallacy. A person can multi-task while another cannot as all people have different techniques.

Multi-talking reduces the time used to do an activity and is a better approach, although the effectiveness of the work cannot be adequate. The Pomodoro approach is a concept of planning daily activities in 25-minute bursts and a sufficient measure of time management (Vennila, 750). Motivations drive an individual and their reliable power to succeed. It is vital to create a balancing act where people are expected to do more and assemble their lines with time. In managing time, it is crucial to consider freedom and social life. Students are supposed to utilize resources in schools like lectures and reading materials. Effective use of School resources solves alot of problems and allows people to focus on self-management and doing more.

One has to reinstate their statements, over time, to remember what they are to accomplish. Time plays a significant role in solving many problems in organizations today. Consistency and commitment are essential attributes in achieving goals. Students go to schools to learn how to effectively manage their skills in a competitive environment (Gordanier et al., 26). In determining what bests works for a person, consistency promotes the effective use of time management. There are many developed apps in the app store that allows people to manage their time and plan themselves sufficiently. Attention and time management are essential in having a less stressful life and being productive.

Many people have established ways of managing time, although most have not emphasized the efficiency of time management. Time is part of life and determines the sufficiency of life goals. The way people plan there time shows how they are going to achieve their objectives. Also, it is essential to know how to find time and work according to the scheduled period.

It is also crucial to have planning systems and being organized in being productive. Procrastination affects one performance as they tend to avoid their tasks and aim higher. If students delay submitting their work and have stress issues, then it will impact their actions such that they can fail in their grades (Vennila, 752). Having time management skills is through having a planned schedule, eliminating negative feelings, and frequently checking the progress of the work done.

Time management is essential in achieving one's goals by carrying out tasks sufficiently and relaxing where all projects are well managed. It also allows organizations and people to indulge in other activities and make time for useful activities. Time can be effectively managed if people realize that it is finite, and without proper planning, then tasks cannot be completed. Time management saves money, meets deadlines, accomplish goals, and develop courtesy. There are models of efficiently managing time and include making plans, taking priorities, delegating duties, and enhancing the value of time. When people manage their time correctly, they will gain a lot and creates a balance in life.

Students tend to improve their results in class when they plan their time well. It also facilitates early intervention in classes where students are organized and prepared. In colleges, proper planning and time efficiency creates higher class attendance for students and enhances performance. Many students who fail in classes are because of their lack to manage time and their study skills. Time is associated with productivity and success (Gordanier et al., 24). Being focus and setting priorities involves doing essential tasks during a particular period and reduce half-work issues.

Effective and efficient time management includes planning ahead and having a schedule that allows one to set limits and work according to the efforts. Emails and taking regular breaks enable a person to manage time. Distractions and changing plans frequently waste time and limit the efficiency of the project. Having goals to accomplish while in Schools, at home, or the workplace is essential in creating a balanced life and creating better outcomes. Effectiveness and efficiency of time management allow one to have a positive direction and create change in the environment.

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