Essay Example on Spain's Unique Conquest: Expansion Without Soldiers

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Empires in the historical eras ensured the expansion of their kingdom universally. The colonization resulted in consequences like death, destruction of property, and acquiring of properties resulting from wars. Spaniards have a unique history of conquering the world. According to Kamen, Spain, like any other empire, was on route to expand their territory to seek power and control in the new world. The uniqueness of their conquest is that it did not involve soldiers; instead, the men who assumed the title "conquistadors" were peasants, artisans, traders, seamen, among other commoners. They discover the composition of the new world through the adventurous experience attained from voyages.

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The "conquistadors" ventured through the new world in phases. Kamen indicates that Spaniards believed their society modernized in all essential aspects. They thought to have an organized religious practice, an advanced political system, and strategies to battle and defeat the natives. When the Spaniards discovered the existence of the gold and silver in the new world, they made contact with the indigenous mainland population to learn the use of the minerals. In taking over America, the events that made Mexico under the Spaniards controlled sparkled restlessness among other groups to dominate the new world (Kamen). Therefore, the discoveries made during the exploratory trips explain their new world conquest.

The superiority in war technology defines the history of Spain conquering the new world. Despite the unfamiliarity of the foreign territories, the conquering success of Spaniards marked by their superior military activities. The events in Mexico under Cortes leadership, where they used firearms to drive fear among the numerous native opponents rather than killing them (Kamen). Another smart war strategy was evident in the Pizarro events against the Incas, whereby they deployed fast-moving horses to crush the enemies (Kamen). Although Spaniards were at a disadvantaged state, their war supremacy was as a result of outsmarting the local kingdoms with an improved technology under limited resource.

Early Conquerors of the New World

History depicts Portuguese and Spaniards among the initial colonizers of the new world. The Portuguese were on the verge to engage in spice trade while the Spaniards were on the exploitation voyages to discover the unique features of the world (Duiker). Spain expeditions took them to create new regions of the world. For instance, Cuba, New England, America, among others. The reason for new world conquest is to establish a world market of trade of goods and services as other empires seek to expand their dominance among others (Duiker). Exploration happens all over the world, as historians discovered that the world is Spherical. The American was not familiar to the European people who at some time, created tension leading to the war of supremacy to rule the new world. Explores like Vasco Da Gama found the East trade routes discovering the African Continent famous for its slave trade.

The age of the spice trade symbolized the establishment of the world market in prehistoric time. The early conquest of India and part of Asia by the exchange of the European nation the eradication of the native culture by the new practices (Duiker). The Portuguese discovered the spice trade and other countries like France, Dutch, and England followed route leading to scrambling for dominating the business by conquering the new world. Some states like Vietnam resisted encroachment by foreign rulers who impacted the culture in all aspects of society. For instance, the colonizers introduced a new religion, an alternative political system, and external norms and practices in their new conquests.

Conquering America by Spaniards

The new subjugation of America by Spain was due to economic ventures to discover the world market. Columbus quest to find a trade route to Asia, found the minerals in America, a revelation that attracted other explorers around the world to indulge in the expedition (Kamen). Thegold and silver present in America attracted different groups of Spaniards, making their way into the new territory to establish empires. Explores from Spain made adventures into America, especially after a large amount of Gold and Silver discovered through the conquering of Inca and Aztec Empires (Kamen). Therefore, the main economic reason why Spain colonized America was to search for Gold and Silver.

Spain conquered America to change the un-civilization in their society. The Spaniards had already established a religious belief under Christianity (Kamen). The Americans still worshipped in shrines an indication that they still practiced traditional religion in the new world. The Spanish goal was to spread the missionary work and Christianity. Despite their good intentions, they ended-up establishing powerful colonies within American society.

The European countries were conquering and expanding their empire colonies as a strategy to dominate the new world market. Spain was on the verge to access more power and control in America against France, Dutch, and other European countries (Kamen). They wanted equal dominance for trade in the new market of the world. Therefore, they formed alliances with the natives to be accommodated in the foreign lands as they devised on strategies to colonize. For instance, the Spaniards used disease calamity that weakened Inca and Aztec kingdoms to conquer them.


In summary, the history of American colonization by Spain was because of three main reasons. The Spaniards were in search of Gold and Silver minerals discovered in America. Also, they were on a missionary goal to spread Christianity throughout America. Finally, Spain wanted to establish and expand their colonial territories so that they can have equal power and control as European countries in the new world.


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