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Date:  2022-12-08


Battle of Natural Bridge, Florida. The Financial Strategies behind wars and conflicts are never obvious. If the real reasons for war were obvious, no one would fight the wars and benefit the wealthiest in power. Such can also be said for the 'American Civil War.' The "Civil War' has been referred to by other names, such as 'The War Between the States,' 'The War for Southern Independence,' ' The War of Northern Aggression,' but no one has of yet referred to the war as 'The War for Total Financial Control.' In essence, this was the entire purpose why the big money interests in the North couldn't let the South leave the Union in peace.

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The battle-cry of Abe Lincoln, 'Preserve the Union,' is far more accurately described as 'Preserve the Revenue,' for with the South leaving the Union, there went over 80% of the Revenues that fed the Federal coffers. With the South gone, there also went the Federal subsidies to the Northern Big Railroads and canal building to transport the goods of Northern mills. The hypocrisy of the North was even more fully on display in the decades following the war when the same Union army and it's officers and generals turned West to genocide and subjugate all the Western Plains Indians for the financial benefits of the big railroads and all it's associated commercial enterprises. When politicians, like Jeb Bush as Governor of Florida, state that the Confederate Battle flag represents 'hate' (as Bush stated in 2001), we can be assured that such said politician is fully immersed and embedded with the money powers.

Jeb Bush's hypocrisy is extremely blatant since it was during his entire administration that the abuses and deaths that occurred only 50 miles away from the state capital of Tallahassee were going on at the Florida State funded Arthur Dozier School for Boys. Jeb Bush was stating a flag was hated while he allowed the most heinous crimes to be committed against children, right under his nose, all with the help of Florida tax dollars. The true reality of the situation, past present and future, is that there's an on-going battle between the Totalitarian Globalists and the Limited Government Confederates. Always follow the money to find the real agendas. It's the Totalitarian Globalists that control most of the money and the media outlets.

Differences policy on slavery led to the division of the country. The national government tried to exhibit its powers over the states that practiced slavery and those territories that had not become states. Southern states did not support Abraham Lincoln's election because he had vowed to eradicate slavery once he assumed office. Their quest for secession fell into deaf ears as the government refused to recognize its legitimacy. Due to the president's actions of using force in fighting the states, many states broke away from the federal government to join the southern states deepening the war. Harry Becher's novel on anti-slavery which depicted various evils associated with slavery also galvanized the civil war. Through the anti-slavery novel, many black African Americans opted to join the federal army to help fight the southern states who supported slavery. Through mediation between the federal government and the southern states, an amicable solution would have been found rather than going into a civil war knowing that it would lead to the destruction of the state's economy and loss of lives (Stephen 143-145).

The battle between the state and the federal government over political power also led to the war. The southern states felt left out in government decisions and unfair business policies on them. The federal government seemed to support the northern states more than they supported the southern states. State of South Carolina threatened to secede from the federal government due to the unfair policies imposed on the state. The government also wanted to control the territories gained from the US-Mexican war of 1846. During this period the slave debate was a major issue and how it would be abolished. It created more tension in the nation. The tension mainly involved those who supported slavery and the bodies or groups that wanted the policy to be abolished, and a free and a democratic nation be formed regardless of anyone's color or race. The conflict could be avoided by employing peaceful methods of solving disputes between the two fighting groups. The southern states took matters into theirown hand by employing the use of force in passing their grievances. The federal government was also at fault for not involving the southern states in matters to do with national interests. Both were to employ peaceful means to avoid the eruption of the civil war and its consequences (Stephen 143-145).

Another factor that galvanized the war was the system of voting that made some states and people feel left out. It was not a democratic type of government because only a few individuals were allowed to vote for the country's president. A more involving type of voting that involved every voter in participating in the voting would have eased the situation. It involved selection of leader rather than election through the one person one vote system. Had Abraham Lincoln been elected through a more involving method, the southern states would have felt more secure than the Electoral College system of voting (Jurgen 219-248).


In summary, the organs of the state like the federal army is mandated to protect the state's borders from attacks rather than creating more conflict in the state that can lead to civil war. War is not a solution to every situation in a state. Through dialogue, perfect solutions have been found in situations that would have resulted in actual wars. The federal government also has the mandate to involve every state on issues involving decision making rather than sidelining some states due to political reasons.

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