Essay Example on Rochester: Protecting Historical Buildings & Landscapes

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Date:  2022-12-29

Rochester has the historical buildings and the landscape which have added a new character and the value of the economy to the city. So that they can display a right image about the history of the buildings, the city has decided to come up with measures of protecting these valuable houses which attract many tourists from different cities and other countries. The cities have come up with the zoning regulation in which it works on the setting forth of the city codes for the center and for any of the areas which are outside the center city.

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The cities which are designated of the value of the history are all that contain the properties in the selected city preservation districts and all those cities identified in the individual marks and the features which are listed and are legible for the listing in the state or the registers of the national historic places. The properties are the structures, the buildings and the objects and the significant sites in the history such as the archaeology architecture engineering and the notable New York culture in other cases the nation. Among the city designated districts are the Mt. Hope highland and the east avenue.

Some of the regions contain both cities designated and the nationally registered listing. In time the properties have been added to get rid of the list as it depends on the part, age on integrity and the conditions. The features are however defined by the eligible for the national and the state registry by the historic state and preservation office which Is within the New York state office parks, the suites of recreation and the office of the reservation.

The properties are included to get the achievement of the listing in the United States to register by the determination of the new work state board for the reservation of the history. The properties are recommended by determining the properties of the national park service for the consideration of the keeper of the national register for the inclusion of such a registry.

With the identification of the firmly rooted in the innovation and caring Rochester have had a remarkable past life springs in very famous places of historical sites. The discovering of the fascinating of the cities heritage consists of the story of the clinic of the Mayo and the founders which is four renowned architectural landmarks of the history. The city has worked to ensure that they display a right message to the public and the tourist at large b ensuring that they keep the historical site and they renovate it to maintain and make it look decent. The historic sites display the past innovation and the caring not forgetting the springs of life that came from the famous sites. It doesn't matter how long you visit the place either short or extended stay you will prompt to have a visit to one of the historical sites.

With a quick look at the skylight of the Rochester might cause one to say that the tour of the Plummer building is for the European city since it is made up of the colored tiles and the decoration. The building was constructed in the year the 1920s, the building of the Plummer is among the listed national landmark of the history, and it was named after the established her Plummer who was among the founder of the clinic of Mayo. He was also the man who was in the responsibility for the much of the recovery of medical and the registration systems which was used still by the mayo clinic until date. When it was opened in, the building did house the speculates in the medical field alongside the impressive library which was meant for medical research.

Until date, the building is made to be an iconic symbol which symbolized the mayo clinic. When you visit the place, you will be prompted to have a visit and create a look of the sculpture image which is caricatures on the level of the lower side of the building which is always opened; the sixteen-foot door which is made up of bronze is only closed for the national solar events of tragedies.

Another landmark includes the Assisi heights which when looked closely it resembles the Assisi heights spirituality center which is a tower that is acquired, constructed with stones that are brightly colored and they are large in size wit courtyard that is very beautiful. The difference between them is the Assisi heights is the build in the 1950s, and it is the mother that housed the sisters of St Francis in the Rochester who was in 1889 which were co-founded with the family of mayo said Mary's hospital what have become the mayo clinic. The visitors can tour to these campus from Monday and on Saturday then attends the mass in the church of the lady of Lourdes Chapel.


In conclusion, the Plummer house also known as the Quarry hill was constructed early back in the 1900s. The house was built by doctor mayo Henry and his wife daisy. The house constituted of the beautiful grounds and the gardens that are formal a bird trail and the water at the tower with a park which is now under the Maintenance of the Rochester Park and the department of the recreation. The hoses location is in the south of mayo clinic. The site is a recreation facility where the public and the tourist can have a visit and tour to the houses and the grounds every Wednesday. More than ten groups of people are compatible to visit the historic site and learn more on the historical background of the Mayo family and their achievements.

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