Essay Example on Radburn: Unresolved Issues Affecting Teamwork and Progress

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Date:  2023-04-23

What do you think are the key issues at Radburn? Please also tell me why you feel these are the key issues. (6 points)

In every business, teamwork plays a critical role in the success of the firm (Argyris 2010). But in Radburn, there is a misunderstanding among the Vice Presidents of various Departments as they could on some of the issues affecting them. Ideally, departmental functions should be interdependent where different Vice Presidents are sharing ideas on the promotion of the products in the market. Because advertisement, production, and sales have common information concern market trends. Some employees are overworked leading inconsistency in some of the tasks. For instance, not responding to customers' calls at the right time. If the clients are not satisfied with the services offered by the company, they might shift to the rivals in the market. Hence, leading to losses to the company since getting them back takes a long time, and there is harassment of junior staff members where the salespersons berate them. The situation can cause misunderstanding among the employees affecting the operations of the company adversely. The CEO leaving the members to solve some of the problems is not a proper way of promoting harmony within the company. Since the issues are not resolved accordingly, there are a lot of leakages within the organization leading to losses.

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Secrecy on the strategies of the firm is essential in the differentiation of services offered to the clients. With the current technological progress, rivals look for any means used by their competitors in the market. Thus the company should have a way of securing its intellectual properties. The favors portrait by the secretaries where gifts play a crucial role in their duties might create a loophole for corruption in the company. The company should install the current system of meeting instead of relying on physical meetings ordered by the CEO. And the movement of the CEO around telling the employees they are doing great work is not enough as there could be some staff members sleeping on their duty.

What additional data would you want to collect? Please state what you would collect and why you would collect it. (6 points)

I would like to understand the status of the working environment for the employees because the safety of the employees is essential for the higher performance of the company (LOK 2019). Next, is the time taken for installation to be completed, if it is taking a longer time than specified. The company's guideline indicates that the project starts within six weeks, but it might take a longer time. The pricing model used by the firm. The firm could be utilizing an approach that doesn't much with the cost incurred by the firm. Thus, it results in losses as more funds can be paid to the suppliers than the real amount. The quality of services offered to the clients is vital in building its brand through royalty. Besides, I would like to the number of joint meetings with all the members held within the company. Therefore, it strengthens teamwork ideas and its advantages among the employees. How the market share for the firm has been affected by the changes in the market. As it helps in the determination of whether the whole industry is in bad condition due to an economic crisis or the problem is internal.

Looking back at everything we have read in the course, what interventions do you think are needed, or what steps would you take to help Radburn? Please be specific and support your answer by citing any of the readings, handouts, etc. (8 points)

First, is to upgrade the communication system. There should be a quality assurance team cutting across all the departments to ensure all the tasks are implemented accordingly. Further, the turnover rate among the employees should be eliminated since experienced staff members are more efficient, and it will reduce the uncompleted tasks such as not responding to the clients if the order is not approved. Furthermore, asking the employees the challenges they are facing while in their workplace is better than just moving around and telling them they are working hard. The process is essential to gauge the capacity of each staff member with the work he or she is handling. Some workers can be overworked if their role is not measured, which can lead to poor quality service deliverance to the customers. The satisfaction of the clients is the primary goal of every company doing business, and thus, their needs are met. There are some departments like advertising, customer services, and sales that should merge so that they can handle some activities together. For instance, customer services should be handling some advertisement activity while answering clients' questions. Frequent feedback to the employees on their performance contacted so as any problem is dealt with early enough before it messes the whole company. Paperless work is the best since the installation of a system to carry out most of the transactions will reduce the labor force. Also, in terms of time taken, carrying documents from one department to another is a sign of an old way of transacting business.

Based on your response to #3, are you suggesting a revolutionary or evolutionary change? Please support your answer by telling me why. (4 points)

This company requires a revolutionary change. The reason for the revolutionary is to ensure most of the procedures followed are up to date. Responding to the clients should not take long as experienced by Redburn's customers. According to Kanter (2013), realignment and reshaping of the strategic goals that might lead to a breakthrough in behaviors or believes among the staff members. The CEO overlooks how the managerial activities of the company can lead to lower profits of the firm in the long-run. Correcting this style of management enables the organization to remain ahead and outstanding in the market where competition is very stiff and dynamic.

What specific advice do you think Kohler and Munz would give us about this case? (4 points)

Kohler would have proposed to the company to be proactive in its services and adopting new techniques in its operations (Daft 2018). Remodelling is the best thing to be incorporated into the strategic plan of the firm to ensure the best approach is attained. Additionally, the company should adhere to the purpose and core values that are clear to every employee of the firm. Accordingly, corporate culture is created so that any activity undertaken should be in line with the firm's mission. Munz would encourage the CEO to create an environment in the company where workers are in a position to have a collective mindset. Therefore, it increases commitment, dedication, and brotherhood essential in teamwork leading to higher performance of the company. Making employees proud of their work as they are willing and even can take a risk in their daily operations.

The CEO is thinking that he should start an outbound selling group. Using the SWOT analysis, please provide him with a completed chart. (6 points)

Outbound business is vital for the progress of the company since one will be able where his or her business stands in the market place (Argyris et al. 2010). The SWOT analysis suggests that one can apply to gauge the strategy to its importance to the business.


i). Clients have an opportunity to recommend the service to a friend or relative.

ii). It is an aggressive strategy where new clients get a chance to inquire about the products.

iii) High level of efficiency


i). Lack of a strategy and marketing budget for the generation of more leads

ii). Poor time management

iii). Need for approval

iv) Self-limiting beliefs.

v) Limits the reach by new clients


i). The company can widen its market share.

ii). Get the chance to know what the competitors are doing.

iii). Build a brand in local events


i). Due to its aggressiveness, clients might dislike the company.

ii). Too intrusive that might put people off.

iii). Getting leads is very expensive.


Argyris, C. (2010). Organizational Traps: Leadership, Culture, Organizational Design. OUP Oxford.

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