Essay Example on Management Project Gave Me Real-World Experience & Knowledge

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Date:  2023-08-31

This management project allowed me to increase my knowledge. It exposed me to an example of a real-world situation where a client has a project that needs to be accomplished. In such a case, the customer describes what they want and then leave the consultant to identify possible methods of satisfying the client's demands. In this project, the customer requested for an application that they would use in their activities. Therefore, it was my duty to identify essential objectives to consider in the implementation of this project. The formulated goals needed to help the management team develop the application that the client needs. This process exposed me to the four parts of experiential learning, as described by Kolb (2015). It exposed me to concrete experience, reflective observation instances, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation (Kolb, 2015). Specifically, I faced challenges that could occur in a real-life situation, and I needed to solve them and produce desirable results.

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This assignment also helped me learn the importance of planning a project before starting to implement it. This project used a Gantt chart to schedule tasks. The Gantt chart is a vital tool for monitoring and controlling the project's execution since it allows the management to plan the order of implementation (Pathak, 2015). When using this tool, the planners see each task's duration and its prerequisites, which allows them to order tasks appropriately to aid their execution. Moreover, this assignment made me know the importance of using the Programme Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) and the Gantt chart for software projects (Evodokimov et al., 2018). These tools make it easy to schedule tasks and order their implementation to ensure the successful completion of the project.


This assignment also showed me the need to avoid discrimination in project implementation. It helped me develop an anti-discriminatory practice that focuses on diversity as described by (Thompson 2016). Specifically, the execution of this project was divided into three main objectives, and each of them had its unique demands. It is not easy to find a person that knows all these areas well. Therefore, when executing the project, it would be essential to ensure that it prioritizes diversity to get a synergy of the individuals. This assignment provided me with the opportunity to apply my skills and improve them using a real example. It used the experiential cycle, and therefore, given the project now, it would be much easier for me to work on it.


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