Essay Example on Leadership: Impact on Behavior, Culture, and Environment

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Date:  2023-04-24

Leadership in any organization or personal life is essential; developing a good leadership model to influence real events in life or workplace is necessary (NHS Leadership Academy, 2013, 11). Understanding leadership and how it impacts one's culture, behavior, and environment plays an important in determining the strengths of an individual in thriving through the course of life and handling some of the issues involved.

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From the reading, I have realia how a person's experiences and behavior bring potential effects on workplace or job performance. I consider good leadership a significant element that helps to support high-quality services and ensure the utilization of resources to provide the best services in an organization, as an individual it is essential to consider this as core factor to achieving one's goals and objectives. The reading health leadership model is described as one of the most influential factors that drive all the operations in healthcare. This article, therefore, reflects the NHS leadership.

Personal qualities are the leading factor to consider in leadership, self-determination, self-confidence freedom from inside conflicts, and emotional expressiveness determine an individual's ability to manage and control themselves. As a staff, therefore, it is vital to act as a leader by managing different situations at work. Participating in conflict resolution and influencing positive behaviors, which eventually may result in a conducive environment that accommodates everyone and their views om various operations within the workplace. Good leadership gives one the ability to sager their visons, lead with consideration of care, evaluate information from different perspectives, inspiring purpose, and being accountable for some of the critical things in an environment (NHS Leadership Academy, 2013, 13).

I have noticed how much leadership can develop a shared purpose in life among different individuals, different work environments and serve to inspire people to share values and believe how important it is to do so for the benefit of personal or and professional life. Before, I considered leadership as adjusting a tool to manage and situations and lead the people as per the guidelines provided; however, I have released how leadership is a valuable aspect in life that is not only applicable at work also in the course of personal experience. Using a good leadership model to drive ideas, encourage self-righteousness, and utilizing different values to push and individual's plan that benefits the whole system in an organization (NHS Leadership Academy, 2013, 15).

One of the elements that I find interesting and more useful in life is leading with care. Portraying positive qualities and identifying unique qualities and well as providing care for the team, and the environment to enable various activities to run effectively is essential. Form this knowledge; I have learned how important to provide mutual support and opportunities for others, which in a previous life, I did not consider essential. Developing capability, for example, is crucial for a leader; I believe these significant enabling people to prepare for future challenges and using past experiences to manage current and future issues. Effective leadership involves using our expertise to handle different situations. The element of engaging with others, for instance, is helpful and applicable in the workplace.

For me, the most significant aspect that I find most beneficial as a leader in involving a team in doing handling some of the critical issues at work. I identified how this aspect is essential to building personal and professional skills. It helps to ensure that their views or presence in an event is considered; their contribution serves a purpose. The fact this element helps to create mutual respect, desirable ideas, and behaviors, compassionate care, and attention for others are some of the significant aspects that reinforce one's abilities in leadership.

I have considerably developed more knowledge on leadership and how different elements of leadership can be applied in various situations. For instance, when managing conflict involving views from the people involved is essential. A good leadership model promotes a positive work environment and helps to develop healthy living.


NHS Leadership Academy, 2013, Healthcare Leadership Model.

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