Essay Example on Plane Accidents: Remembering Loved Ones in Memorial Services

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Date:  2023-01-26

Plane accidents have become a big challenge facing air transport. Every year, there are several accident cases reported. Some are minor while others are major, where a large number of passenger losses their life. As a way of remembering various people who have been involved in these accidents, most countries hold memorial services on the site. There are various examples of sites where their memories are held every year. A large number of people gather in these areas to pray for those individuals who were affected during these incidents. The essay explains a pilot show which indicates the importance of the memorials that occur in the Japanese Canadian War Memorial in Stanley Park, Komagata Maru, and the Chinese Railroad Workers and how they relate.

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Japanese Canadian War Memorial is a major structural monument which was built as a remembrance of those individuals who were involved in the war (1914 to 1918) (Sweeney, 14). Every year, individuals gather to celebrate the life of those who were involved. In April 1920, a large monument was built Stanley Part as a remembrance of those individuals who died during the war. The structure was designed by James Anderson Benzie. It was set in a ground where a large area where individuals could effectively visit as a way of showing togetherness (Kunwar, Dev Raj and Neeru, 112). Normally, the monument was constructed under private donations who were so concerned about what had occurred during the war. As a way of making the monument unique, its base was listing battles that show the two countries which were involved. Additionally, on the top, the monument had a style lamp which was meant to stay always lit. In 1942, the lamp was put off during an attack on Pearl Harbour (Sweeney, 14). However, it was then relit in 1985 after being decorated and a technique of responding to the threat. Up to know, the moment has received significant renovations to ensure the memory of those who lost their lives is still running. In both world wars, a large number of Japanese lost their lives as they try to fight for their country. Some innocent citizens died together with fighting soldiers. Hence, it was effective to establish a monument that would act as a remembrance.

Komagata Maru is another common memorial site in Japan. In 1914, a group of people who came from British Raj tries to enter Canada in 1914, but were denied entry and demanded to return to Calcutta, India. The sailing ship had carried more than 376 individuals (Mawani, 28). Among these passengers, there were various groups of regional groups such as Muslim, and Hindus. However, these individuals were reluctant to follow the order, and hence, they were fired by the Indian Imperial Police. As such, more than 20 individuals lost their lives. Since 1908, the government of Canada set some rules which restricted immigrants from entering the country. Heavy terms were introduced to restrict non-citizens from freely entering the country. According to the government, some of the passengers were Indians whose aim was to destroy order within the country (Mawani, 90). This was a critical technique to prevent Indians from entering Canada. Additionally, it was politically dangerous to allow these individuals in the country. As such, the government thought that white and south Asian radicals were using the occurrence to develop a rebellion in the Pacific Northwest. Some of those individuals who escaped from the mass shooting were kept under village arrest. After the incident, the government was forced to apologize for killing immigrants. As such, the Canadian government constructed a historical recognition structure that offered respect to those individuals died during the occasion.

The Chinese Railroad Workers is another key memorial site where a large number of Chinese lost their lives. In 1881, there was a need to construct a transcontinental railway that would serve several continents (Kunwar et al., 92). The Canadian Pacific Railway company completed constructing the railway in 1885. This was an essential aspect that promoted economic growth within the region. Additionally, the railway would facilitate communication within the region. During construction, a large number of laborers were incorporated to offer human labor. These individuals were forced to work in very harsh conditions. In which, about 15,000 Chinese were incorporated to offer labor force due to the lack of enough individuals from British Columbia. As such, the Chinese would be forced to work under harsh condition and low payments (Kennedy 130). About 4,000 Chinese died during the construction process. Others suffered various physiological and psychological torture due to a high rate of discrimination. Most of these individuals who died were killed by diseases, landslides, cave-ins, and explosion. After the construction of the railway, a large number of Chinese suffered since they could not find new jobs. Later on, there was labor controversial whereby politicians worried about the economic and cultural impacts which could be caused by these Chinese (Kennedy, 124). As a way of restricting these Chinese, the government passed a law that required the Chinese to pay tax. As a way of remembering these Chinese who suffered and died during the railway construction era, The Chinese Railroad Workers Memorial was constructed in Toronto. This structure was designed and constructed by Eldon Garnet and Franicis LeBouthillier. These two people were among those deployed to offer labor support during the construction of the railway.

These memorial sites and structures have a great impact on people. At first, they try to show how various groups of individuals suffered. Therefore, people integrate into different dates in these sites to remember and pray for those who suffered (Kunwar et al., 131). Additionally, these memorial sites link the past to the present, and hence, individuals are given an opportunity to recall and respect the sacrifice of those who lost their lives, suffered, or took place in any challenging situation. Some people visit these regions to understand and learn more about the incidents which people were subject too. This is mostly experienced by other generations who want to learn more about the historical event. For instance, young people may learn how their ancestors sacrificed their lives so as to attain a certain standard or condition of life. Some of these structures have names of major individuals who played a vital role, despite being subjected to massive suffering (Kunwar et al., 100). Finally, people may gather in these structures to show their togetherness and forgiveness after a huge suffer that a certain group of individuals was subject in the past. Therefore, people should maintain these structures which show how people suffered after being subjected to various conditions.

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