Essay Example on Pilston's Kitchen: 60 Years of Tradition on the Brink of Collapse

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Date:  2023-04-08

For more than 60 years, Pilston's kitchen has been owned by the Pilston family as part of the cookware business. In the global market, this firm has established its place by being one of the leading providers of cookware brands to various markets all over the world. It is a consistent dealer of kitchen utensils, and its specialty is in producing wooden products, for instance, dishes, spoons, and cooking spoons. However, this company is on the blink of collapsing since the current president has stepped down, and the remaining founders' family member does not have the capability of taking over the firm. A lot of changes are to be made in the company due to the adverse changes in the industry and technological advancement such as the use of Blockchain Ledger Technology. The family realizes that if they do not implement those changes, the cookware business will collapse. Due to these situations, the company has to look for an individual with the right personality traits to lead the company into a new era.

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Since the inception of the company, the culture of being reliable within the industry has not changed. Besides, the firm has a culture of customer priority, accurately doing things, and being honest. Also, the cookware business has a narrow-minded culture of passing employments on to family and friends alone (Ackerman, 2019). One of the changes that the company needs to look at is the advancement in technology which will automate its production lines. Another change the company should address is expanding its market globally. Its market has been predominantly in the U.S having little diversification in the workplace. For the next president to take the company to new heights and era, they should possess some specific personality traits. The first trait is openness which entails insight and imagination. A president that possesses this characteristic is curious about new things and enjoying new experiences. Hence, through this trait, the president will bring innovativeness in the company and welcome new technological changes that are needed. Moreover, by having this attribute, the president will be open to welcome the present culture and instill another one of having a worldwide expansion. The other trait is conscientiousness which entails planning ahead, paying attention to details and priorities crucial tasks above others. This attribute is important mostly to the culture of the cookware business, which entails doing things in a precise manner. The other trait is extraversion which comprises of sociability and assertiveness. By possessing this feature, the employees will feel excited and energized being around the president hence boosting the production rate. An extravert president will encourage the employees to embrace the changes that will be implemented in the company.

Holland typology traits indicate that a leader should be enterprising. By having this trait, the president will lead people and come up with ideas that will assist the cookware company in thriving globally. Furthermore, by having Holland's characteristics, the president will be ambitious and have the required vigor to carry the firm to greater heights (Whitteberry, 2016). As a result, the firm will develop, innovate and fresh ideas will be encouraged in the company due to the extroversion of the leader. A successful career mapping would be created, and as a result, the entire company will start trading globally including the Asian countries.


To sum up, having a president that possesses the five personalities and Holland typology traits, the company will thrive, become more competitive globally, and go on for generations. The company should ensure that the new president contains enterprise traits and be both ambitious and dynamic. Moreover, the leader ought to be comprehensive and buoy up current employees to do better. By having all those personality traits, employees will get confidence that the president will come up with modern ideas that will drive the cookware business to greater heights and maintain existing culture.


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