Essay Example on Music: Essential Tool of Human Life

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Date:  2023-02-09

Music is one of the essentials in the lives of human beings. Individuals listen to music in their lives for various reasons in different periods. Music and society are two inseparable things, as the music is applied in the reflection and creation of the societal conditions, which contribute significantly to the facilitating of the impeded changes. Different genres of music are available to the majority of the people, which command power and are essential tools in communication, entertainment, and hobbies. Using the words and stories of Andy, Renee Fleming, Bennett Reimer, Matt Giordano, and The Naked Saint, this essay will illustrate how music does produce value in the lives of people.

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Music has produced value in the lives of people through the therapeutical power it is recognized for. The therapeutical act of music may involve active making or listening to music. Music creates value in an individual's life through the active intervention of facilitating relaxation, relieving of stress, and pain (Schafer 2013, p.511). The music by Renee Fleming's music is particularly objected to achieve relaxation and music therapy in the lives of people. In an interview, the musician noted that she sings her songs in a meditative state, which succeeds in the public's education and enlightens the individuals in regards to the healing abilities of music (Cheever et al. 2018, p.1215). As a result, the music is applicable in the various therapeutic utilities such as to the specific groups of people such as the patients, the aged, the mentally disturbed, and the individuals experiencing pain. Music, therefore, is one of the lifesavers as it provides comfort to such a particular group of people in society. The music is also crucial in the rectification of irregular behaviors among people; therefore, music contributes to the value addition of the community.

Over the past years, music has been one of the powerful tools of education and passing information to people and society. Majority of the music sang by various artists played the role of providing crucial information to the public. Bennett Reimer provided aesthetic music education and, therefore, contributed much in the teaching of music. He described music as the primary means of cognition in society, as it originates from the mind's complex function. Through his education, he explained that Music is crucial to the lives of people as it is a means through which the people can convey the knowledge and information they have, as well as express their feelings and concerns in the society. Reimer argued that the only way to present the sentiments and expressions of an artist is through music, which brings forth evidence of the role of music in the lives of people.

Music contributes to the lives of people through the entertainment it provides. It is almost sure that every person has that favorite song or list of songs that works out perfectly in the distress times. Research indicates that music is a way of creating their own happiness through the dancing and body jiggles that accompanies the music rhythms and beats. Scholars argue that productivity can be enhanced among individuals who work while listening to music. This is because music is essential in incorporating motivation and setting a good mood in the workplace. A perfect illustration of music as a form of entertainment is through the audience that turns up to listen to The Naked Saints band. The band's rock n' roll sets their music as a way not only means of recreation but also a source of joy. As a result, the Naked saints argue that they perform the kind of music that the listeners decide (Bowen and Margaret 2005, p.162).

Matt Giordano, US-based musician, proves how music can be a way of expressing feelings. Through the many love songs that the musician has sung, the listeners apply it in the personal human development and relations. For instance, people sing the love songs to their partners as a sign of the love or hatred they have against each other. The music impacts the lives of people to illustrate various feelings such as disgust, anxiety, as well as influence specific behavior patterns (Thibeault 2010, p.33). Some musicians impact the lives of the society through the charitable work they are involved in. Andy is not only involved in music to entertain the individuals in the organization but also engaged in the cancer-related charities, where he gives back to the community. He dedicates his music and resources to the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, an organization that promotes cancer treatment. Through such noble deeds, this indicates that music and the musicians produce value to the lives of the people.The development of technology has further enhanced the value that people get. The contribution of Andy, Renee Fleming, Bennett Reimer, Matt Giordano, and The Naked Saint indicates that music contributes huge value in people's lives. Music is a powerful tool that contributes to the passing of information, therapeutically power, communication, and entertainment that impact the lives of people (Schafer and Peter 2010, p.223).

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