Assignment Example on Psychotherapy

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Date:  2022-08-10

What are ways you can apply the WDEP model in groups you might facilitate?

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Psychotherapy is one of the ways of helping individuals with a diverse variety of emotional or maybe mental challenges. This practice can always assist an individual to eliminate or rather control distress so that he or she can perfectly function thereby improving his or her well being (Wubbolding et, al., 2017). Some of the problems that may lead people to consult psychotherapist include impediments to cop up with daily normal life, loss of loved one, anxiety or maybe depression, medical problems, effects of trauma, and peculiar mental disorder. Additionally, the WDEP model is always applicable when using reality therapy. A WDEP system solicits the principles to groups, individuals or organizations. Fundamental to the successful use of the WDEP system is the formation of a firm, fair and affectionate environment, climate, atmosphere, and relationship (Wubbolding et, al., 2017).

Since the WDEP model is not a step by step procedure but a system, it assists clients to learn control their awareness which will further help them achieve their definite goals (Wubbolding et, al., 2017). According to Wubbolding et, al. (2017), WDEP system involves helping the client, students, and employees, to traverse, and clarify their wants (Wants), and some of the activities they are doing to achieve their wants, (Doing) this involves total behavior examination. It is important to evaluate whether their actions are harmful or helpful to their definite chief aim (Evaluation) and finally, application of WDEP modeling group involves assisting the group to come up with the definite and achievable positive plans (Plans) for improvement (Wubbolding et, al., 2017).

What ideas do you have about encouraging members of your groups to evaluate their current behavior and decide what they may want to change?

Since our behaviors are the exact manifestation of our thoughts, the best thing to do is to change the way we think. This will ensure that whenever we immerse ourselves into unproductive thoughts we can become aware and change our thought patterns. Evaluation of current behavior is very important as it will help us align ourselves to get exactly what we want in life. It is always advisable to have a clear understanding of an individual's behavior at the time of therapy (Wubbolding et, al., 2017). Considering individual's problems that lead to such behavior will enable you to come up with the accurate procedure and method to employ to help him change his or her behaviors in order to cope up with daily life. Additionally, this practice will provide them with greater insight and strength to decide the right thing they want in life (Wubbolding et, al., 2017).


Wubbolding, R., Casstevens, W., & Fulkerson, M. (2017). Using the WDEP System of Reality Therapy to Support Person-Centered Treatment Planning. Journal Of Counseling & Development, 95(4), 472-477. doi: 10.1002/jcad.12162

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