Essay Example on Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams: Revolutionizing Furniture & Manufacturing

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Date:  2023-01-11

Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams were not willing to follow the traditional rules set in the furniture and manufacturing industry. The two executives decided to form their individual policies to provide the best services they could to their customers. In the traditional system, customer service was not impressive, and Mitchell and Williams had a dream of transforming the industry. The primary purpose of this paper is to explain the management ideas that the two entrepreneurs implemented in their business and explain how the practices differed from traditional management practices.

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One of the management practices Bob and Mitchell implemented in their business was taking care of the customer needs. MG+BW knew how they wanted to run their business from the beginning, and they wrote down the mission and the vision for the company. MG+BW aims at using quality materials for the manufacture of all its furniture, customer satisfaction, excellent treatment of clients, minimize the cost of their goods, and protect the environment while in the industry. The mission statements mentioned above contradicted the traditional norms of manufacturers who neither preserved the environment nor prioritized the customers.

Secondly, MG+BW uses high quality solid kiln-dried hardwoods that have been logged to manufacture all its furniture. Traditionally, furniture manufacturing industries used cheap materials as a short cut to make more money. These manufacturers made their profits from cutting corners since many clients could not differentiate between quality and inexpensive materials. Traditional manufacturers used softwood and plastics to make their frames, therefore, deceiving their customers. However, MG+BW is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction.

MG+BW offers a great work environment for all its workers. Since most work is done by hand, employees are paid per every piece they complete. Working faster means more pay. This mode of payment contrasts that of traditional industries since employees were paid on an hourly basis leading to insufficient operations. Employees are also granted full benefits at the firm unlike in the past when these benefits were made optional by manufacturing firms.

The firm is committed to creating a healthier community. Traditional industries targeted specific classes of the community.

The firm partners with other companies to reach more customers. The company partners with others and furnishes their rooms with their furniture, a strategy that has attracted more customers and brought a lot of revenue.

Diversity and Inclusion

One of the actions that Mitchell and Bob should take to ensure an inclusive workforce is by providing diversity training in the workplace (Hunt, Layton, & Prince, 2015). All the workers should be aware that the hiring process is transparent and is dependent on factors such as experience and not issues related to gender, race, or age. The firm's managers should be educated on the benefits of having a diverse workforce, and specific personnel policies should be implemented to support the practice.

Secondly, the firm should let everyone know that it is willing to employ and accommodate people from different cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.

The company should ensure that new employees have a reason to stay. Retaining employees is essential since it increases productivity in a firm. All workers regardless of their cultural, religious, or ethnic backgrounds should be treated in the same way. The amount of work and time taken in training new employees should be equal for everyone.

Affinity groups should also be formed for small groups to brainstorm and come up with ideas that may improve the company's products and expand into different markets (Hunt, Layton, & Prince, 2015). A diverse workforce brings creativity in the firm since the employees have different perspectives and better problem-solving skills.

Lastly, the firm should offer testimonials from the current workforce. Employees should talk about how the company values diversity. These statements can attract more diverse job seekers since they are assured of proper treatment and support from the management.


Hunt, V., Layton, D., & Prince, S. (2015). Diversity matters. McKinsey & Company, 1, 15-29.

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