Essay Example on Medical Education: Training for Improved Healthcare

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Date:  2022-12-27

Medical education is the knowledge an individual acquires to become a certified medical practitioner. Medical education may be obtained as the initial training or additional training after an individual has become a medical practitioner to enrich the existing knowledge. There have been changes in the administration and practice of medical education over the years. Changes in medical training have led to the improvement of health care because it results in medical practitioners who well trained. Apprenticeship and academic models of medical education play a role in the health sector changes. Medical training can be significantly improved by well analyzing the history what it has entailed in the past. Evaluating medical education history helps the individual or organization in charge of bringing change to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the existing medical education.

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There are some changes which have occurred in the medical education field since the 1800 years (Alton, 2010). Changes in medical education have greatly been influenced by the evolvement of diseases and disease-causing micro-organisms which are affecting the large population. There has been an increase in the residency training which helps in improving the already medical practitioner's to help in curbing the upcoming diseases and other health-related problems. Residency training was applied to all medics unlike before where it was only for the elites. Residency training has also increased due to the emergence of technologies like the introduction of dialysis machines to be trained on how to operate them.

Medical education classes are also growing in size as there is a high demand for certified medical practitioners to serve the growing population. Medical education became more of research and practical work rather than being theoretic. Training duration in medicine also increases with time to teach the evolving syllabus effectively. However, the changes in medical education are faced with challenges. The implementation of the teaching methodologies such as research is costly. Furthermore, individuals are unwilling to go through full training as it is time-consuming.

Medical education has the apprenticeship and academic model. Apprenticeship model in medical education helps the students undertaking medical training to recognize the challenges to be encountered in the medical field (Rassie, 2017). Apprenticeship model also ensures that students are well observed throughout the course up to completion. The academic model is also known as education model in the medical field ensures that medical trainees are well qualified by providing them with sufficient knowledge (Deiorio & Juve, 2016). A trainer in the academic model ensures that the learners have well recognized their capabilities and personal attitudes.

Apprenticeship model and academic model in medical education share some characteristics. Both models focus on the improvement of the trainees. Both models ensure that the trainees are well aware of the surrounding cultural values and needs of society. Both models focus on theory and practical part of medical challenges. Both models appreciate residency training as it helps in improving the competence of the medical practitioners.

Despite the apprenticeship and academic models in medical education having similarities, there exist some differences among the two models. Apprenticeship model does not continually assess its learners from the beginning of the training to the end(Rassie, 2017). In the academic model, learners are continuously evaluated throughout the course from time to time to discover areas that may be challenging them ( Deiorio & Juve, 2016). In the apprenticeship model, the duties of keeping check of the learner's progress and evaluating their work are carried out by the same individual which demotivates the trainees into putting more effort in their work. In the academic model, the person who keeps a close check of the trainees is different from the person appraising them which motivates the learners by building curiosity in them.

Apprenticeship and academic models in the medical field have encountered some changes over time. There has been a change in the form of assessment whereby assessment is done continually from the start of the training, in between the practice and at the end of the training to measure the competence of the medical trainees. The academic model does not always focus on the medical part during exercise but also instills life skills such as self-pride to the trainees. There has been a clear difference in the individuals who practice supervision and those who evaluate the trainees. Trainers have been urged to train each other on areas where one may be well competent than the other.

Knowledge about medical education history is essential. The account helps in formulating the possible changes to be carried out in the medical education field. History brings out problems and helps them in the medical education system so that one can look for solutions. It is through history that one identifies the competence of the medical education offered to decide on retaining the existing medical education system. History evaluation also ensures that relevant models are used in medical school to bring change.


In conclusion, medical education is the knowledge acquired to become a qualified medical practitioner. Some changes in medical school since 1800 include an increase in the number of trainees and great emphasis on the practical and research on the medical field. The apprenticeship model of medical education evaluates trainees at the start of the training whereas academic model in medical school evaluates the trainees throughout the course. Both apprenticeship and academic model focus on the medical trainee. The two models have encountered some changes in that both have adopted continually assessing the trainees throughout the course. Well studying the history of medical education is essential to avoid repeating past mistakes.


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