Essay Example on LGBT Influencers Who Committed Suicide: 2 Inspirational Stories

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Date:  2023-09-19

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender, commonly known as LGBT organization, has several influencers who have impacted society in one way or another. The organization has different types of influencers, including those who once committed suicide and publicly experienced depression due to uncertain life situations relating to sexual matters. Even though numerous influencers who committed suicide exist, this section of the assignment focuses on two examples of LGBT members who committed suicide. They include Sara Hegazy and Tree Williams, who were members of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender organization. Each of the mentioned LGBT influencers had a personal life experience that has impacted society in numerous ways. In the context of Sara Hegazy, the torture she underwent in prison for three years and publicly lifting the gay flag suggest some of the chief legacy left behind by the influencer. She influenced society by taking her numerous stands, such as activist, revolutionary, and Egyptian law violations. Every position Sara took symbolized influence that the community has faced, especially for LGBT members. The life and what Sara chooses to stand by has enlightened and demonstrated awful practices that most LGBT members experience in harsh laws in specific countries. The essay broadly analyzes LGBT influencers who committed suicide by discussing their impact, the influence they made to others and society, and what they are known for, among other areas of interest.

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As earlier mentioned, two LGBT influencers selected in this assignment are Sara Hegazy and Tyree Williams. They are members of LGBT who committed suicide on issues relating to sexual matters. Before exploring LGBT members Sara and Tyree, it is essential to mention what they went through to ascertain and directly point the impact they created in society. Sara was detained for three months after publicly waving a rainbow flag at a concert in 2017 ("Egyptian LGBT activist dies by suicide in Canada," 2020). She has impacted the community and LGBT members at larger after demonstrating feminist resistance centered around a deconstruction of class power and struggle. Her feminist resistance proved or showed an element of class conflict or class struggle and warfare that has influenced society.

Sara influenced individuals and society in class conflict or class struggle, which involves political tension. Sara Hegazy's impact includes constant battles and fights she took to fight class conflict, including being a member or supporting Bread and Freedom party in Egypt. Apart from that, Sara took part in the spring socialist network in Canada, which demonstrated her stand and what Hegazy supported, thus creating a personal impact on society and people. Her impact was much felt when she endorsed the Bread and Freedom Party.

By supporting the mentioned party, Sara influenced the social revolution and played an essential role individuals LGBT members experienced ("Egyptian LGBT activist dies by suicide in Canada," 2020). The party objectives demonstrated what Sara stood by and the impact she created in society. Since the movement of the part involve freedom of revolutionists and social movement they supported, it is clear enough that the feminist movement and her support to the party impacted freedom of movement and what revolutionaries believed in as much as LGBT and feminist is concerned.

The influence Hegazy created was centered on freedom, what social revolutionist movement, and the concept of class conflict considered right. She influenced other revolutionists by supporting that party, which constituted a common goal regarding the party's objectives. The influence she made on others also includes she believed as a plan of the authority to sacrifice some of her organization icons to retain power. Such is evident from several tests she wrote to voice her what she believes or regarded as right. It covers one way she actively used to influence people around her and society at large.

At the societal and individual level, Sara created personal influence by stands and posts she made voicing her views and what she believed in as right. Every movement she made on posts influenced her decision, including joining revolutionary movement and Bread and Freedom Party. Another influence she created includes raising the rainbow flag, which anticipated numerous problems, including the feminist Sara's detention. Even though it is something that governed and influenced her, raising the flag came with a lot of issues, including mentioned three-month imprisonment and fine. Such an act demonstrates how Sara, as a feminist, influenced herself.

Tyree William is another LGBT influencer who committed suicide. As one of the LGBT influencers, Tyree Williams created the most significant impact in mind what he was specialized at and how it influenced people around him and society. Tyree touched many by his talent, what he considered doing, including hairstyle talent, applying makeup, and performing and organizing hair shows. All these attempts provided a platform Tyree has used to create impact at individuals level and LGBT members at large ("Gay YouTuber Tai Couture dies by suicide - Watermark Online," 2020). Based on an individual's description of effects as much as Tyree William talent and activity are concerned, he impacted LGBT members and society at large by what he preferred doing on social media, including organizing several hairs show.

Tyree William has impacted members of the LGBT community his talent, such as designing several hairstyles done at organized shows. Members of the LGBT community and others interested in making-up artist William Tyree learned and loved what he did as much as their movement and action were considered. It was easy for him to influence such a multitude as most of the posts he shared via his YouTube channel ("Reportedly: Youtuber Tyree Williams Dead - Suicide – DeadDeath," 2020). Apart from his talent, Tyree William shared personal experiences relating to gay life and what torments an individual. Since it was a platform, including Facebook, where LGBT members share some of their expertise, Tyree was known as one of the LGBT members who publicly and openly shared his life on this platform.

In the context of influence, he made to others, Tyree Williams was known to be a stylist, as earlier mentioned in the text. All that he did influence people and society. Hairstyle and shows he held trended, making a great force Williams had in the field. It was a platform or media mentioned before, where Williams influenced people around him and society in general. Tyree Williams was influenced by the personal talent of hairstyling and showed he organized in the context of what constitutes his influence.

The two influencers were known for what they did and stood for as much the concept of LGBT is concerned. Sara Hegazy, a female influencer, was known for her stand, including raising a rainbow flag, supporting several parties, and expressing her voice using different platforms such as social media platforms. The political movements or party she joined had specified objectives that openly demonstrated Sara's stands.

She fought for class differences and freedom as much as members of LGBT are considered ("Reportedly: Youtuber Tyree Williams Dead - Suicide – DeadDeath," 2020). And in the case of Tyree Williams, he was known for his talents and what he loved doing, including hairstyling, makeups on YouTube, and several organized shows. The impact they created is found on what individuals loved doing, for example, Sara's passion for fighting social struggles and Tyree William's talent in hairstyle fashions. Since they had what each managed in most of his or her hours, they are easily identified by that having in mind the impact they created.

The two LGBT influencers can be compared based on what they did in as much as the LGBT aspect is concerned. The comparison may also go along the way that they achieved in terms of influence and approaches used. They have differences and similarities in the LGBT community and what people believed in or were influenced by these influencers. In the case of similarities, each influencer impacted and influenced people around them as well as society at large. There were all members of the LGBT community and had a common goal of creating a positive world view of LGBT people.

In the case of differences, Tyree Williams influenced people entirely using social media platforms, including personal talents such as hair styling and makeups. On the contrary opinion, Hegazy impacted people and created a personal impact by joining parties and trying to raise what matters, such as the concept of freedom on LGBT people and the community. Sara's effort was centrally on people and government, and Tyree's aim was solely on people and personal views on LGBT members.


In conclusion, Tyree Williams and Sara Hegazy are two LGBT members who committed suicide, among other members. They have a personal impact and influence on people and the LGBT community at large. Sara impacted and influenced society and people around her by fighting class struggles and joining several parties to advocate for freedom, among other objectives. Tyree Williams impacted people using a social media platform such as YouTube. He used personal talent such as hair styling and makeups to influence and impact LGBT and community.


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