Essay Example on Kobe Bryant: Leadership Style, Filmmaker, & Hollywood Stardom

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Kobe Bryant's leadership styles and characters helped him to maintain discipline and professionalism in basketball. Apart from basketball, Kobe became a Hollywood stardom after successful wins with his team because of his leadership styles (Connley, 2018). He was considered an expert in personal development and leadership in society and basketball. Far from sports, Kobe was also a filmmaker. He won an award in filmmaking that made him be a mythical figure among the people who knew him. The real legacy of the leader is shown by his contribution to the team's success and the people he helped to grow their skills in the pitch through consistent encouragement to become the best in what they did. Therefore, Kobe's life, basketball career, his development skills, and his business ventures show he is a talented person because of his contribution to the sports world.

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Kobe's Basketball Career

One of the aspects that defined Kobe Bryant as a leader is his passion for the game. He was passionate about basketball at the age of six because he spends most of his life contacting the national basketball association. His passion connected most fans, even those who were defiant of his team, Los Angeles Lakers (Andone, 2020). The fans loved his devotion because he sacrificed in the pitch and assisted students in learning basketball through contributions to the basketball academies. Phil Jackson, who was Bryant's coach for many years, noted that Bryant's passion made him force actions, especially when the game is not going his way (Connley, 2018). Many people who have interacted with him, especially the players, note that he was a difficult player to play with because of his commitment and performance while playing basketball. In 2008, Kobe's leadership and dedication to basketball made him be the league MVP because he led his team to the 2008 NBA finals (Connley, 2018). He also won a gold medal as one of the gold medalists in the US national team. Besides, in 2012, he won another gold medal that put him at the top of the ranks as one of the best players of all time.

Personal Life

Kobe was an all-round person because he was involved in music and business in his life. In high school, Kobe kicked off his music career with a rap group, Cheizaw. Sony entertainment pushed him to record his first album, Visions, which was expected to premiere in 2000 (Glazer, 2020). He has been involved in various records with other musicians for his success in the pitch and off the pitch. His legacy in music was dominant because he was featured in an album by rapper Lil Wayne and another album by rapper Sho Baraka (Connley, 2018). Kobe was also involved in the production of a television series showing he was an all-round person. Working hard was his famous work ethic because he committed himself to be a multitalented person. In 2018, he featured in a television series, detail, which provided an insight of his contribution to basketball and his leadership qualities in the pitch.

Personal Development Skills

As a leader, Kobe was involved in various after school training programs with the youth. He helped many students to develop their skills in basketball by becoming an ambassador in the after-school all-stars (ASAS). The program is found in thirteen United States cities (Glazer, 2020). Besides, he started the Kobe Bryant China fund that was collaborating with the Soong Ching Ling Foundation to offer health and educational programs to people (Glazer, 2020). He constantly reinvented himself to be an ambassador pf many fields because he understood the value of social responsibilities to the people. Also, he helped veterans to transform to typical careers after their service in the army through an Activision foundation. Also, Kobe was involved in providing donations to the national museum of African American history and culture to preserve the heritage of African Americans in society.

Business Ventures

Kobe was consistently encouraging the workers and leaders to push through their limits to become the best in what they did in society. His dedication to inventing new opportunities made him start the Kobe Incorporation that produces most brands in the sports industry. Also, he launched Granity Studios in 2013 that was involved in developing films, media, novels, and television shows (Andone, 2020). His business ventures were diversified further in 2016 after launching a partnership business, Bryant-Stibel, that was a business, including different Media, gaming, data, and development of various technologies (Glazer, 2020). His achievement in the business field made him be provided with an academy award for best animated short films from the production of a movie named dear basketball (Andone, 2020). His determination in the business ventures also made him win Annie award and sports Emmy awards (Andone, 2020). Also, his commitment enabled him to produce a book that emphasized the way he was playing basketball. The book was used as an inspiration to the unprivileged children in society. Through his Granity Studio, Kobe was involved in the production of the Wizenard series and Epoca (Andone, 2020). The ventures showed he was determined to learn new things to make an impact on society.

The contribution to the business leadership style and traits displayed by Kobe are shown from his business ventures, personal life, basketball career, and the people he assisted in developing their basketball careers. As a leader, Kobe was determined and hardworking because he always pushed to the limits to make sure he helped other people in society. His unique leadership styles made him outstanding leaders among his peers.


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