Elements of an Effective Picture Book Design

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Date:  2022-03-07

The most exciting and award-winning latest bunch of kid's books is centered on a particular age book group. By singling out a specific book of age group helps you ascertain the current trends in these kids' storybooks. The trends range from page design, editorial tone, cover design, and specific illustrations. As Coats (2013) affirms, picture books play an essential role in children's literature. The picture books help children in developing their gestural visual and spatial literacies. All these literacies developments can be successful when implementing the laid down effective design elements of a good picture book. An excellent picture book should encompass color, some shapes, texture, lines, icons, characters, and point of view. I chose to work on my picture book using storybird.com, and here is the link to my work (https://storybird.com/picture-book/preview/hope-in-everything).

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My picture book is entitled Hope in Everything. I have utilized all the elements of an effective picture book design. I have embraced my book to be a story to be like a movie and captivating. I have used color blended with absolute good images that bring out my choice of text to life. For instance, look at the selection of colors in some of my pictures. The color is in high contrast and vivid colors, so fresh and captivating. All these colors I have chosen in my picture book are warm colors that attract the kids.

I have also put to use the aspects of well-shaped images, clear lines, and good textured images. From my title page up to the end of my picture book, I have incorporated different photos that tell a different story about hope. The images have clarity and can say to it all about my story. Check, for instance, this image;

Look at the serene environment they are relaxing on. Look at my inclusions of this image; it has the stars, the moon, and the sky. This kind of Shapes and texture attracts my age book group of my kids much.

Characters and icons chosen by the author can either attract the attention of the kid or not. I have tried as much as possible to use both kids and icons who are attractive to my kids' age group.

My kind of character and icons I have embraced with my choice of words alone makes my kids want more of my picture book. I have blended my characters in such a way they can themselves relate to my story of Having Hope in Everything.

Finally, my story has a composition and point view that my children can all identify with. My point of view is to have hope in everything. All the colors, images used, and the kind of characters I have chosen to contribute to summing up my composition and point of view.

This storybook will be beneficial to my students who are almost giving up in their day to day activities and is ideal for 2nd and 3rd-graders...


Coats, K. (2013). Children's literature & the developing reader. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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