U.S. Core Values Essay

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Date:  2022-03-29

I do agree with Kottak in identifying the work ethic and individualism as core values in the U.S. since the U.S constitutes a significant society with diverse ethnicity, religion, and language. Moreover, the civilization has an economy that provides a way to manufacture and interchange substantial goods in to survive. Material culture offers humans a method to feed, it provides housing, provides a way of clothing in a given community, and the society contributes to how the people should coordinate themselves. Societal culture comprises kinship and family unit, and it furnishes the citizens working life and partisan structure. Kottak, mentions that developing the understanding of the values empowers the people to embrace the culture and the diversity in a particular nation. Further, an individual becomes a recognized associate and accomplishes the work and the given roles of the group. Equally important, the person is in a better position to comprehend, and therefore, establishing a set of boundaries determining the accepted and the unaccepted behavior within the framework of that culture.

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I believe that work ethics brings success in life because I have experienced it at work. During working hours, I concentrate on work to give my employer a full day of work for a full day of pay. I have gone as far as embracing numerous disciplines to avoid confrontations with my boss and my colleagues. Firstly, I try my best to get to work on time. Secondly, I do not chat on the phone or waste my time gossiping, thirdly, I follow directions and instructions from my supervisor. Lastly, I am accountable for work. Furthermore, by having a mutual relationship with other associates at work it has brought so much happiness in my livelihood, I have had a peaceful life, and I have realized that without accepting other people's culture I have no unity. I desire to keep my country safe and secure, and I trust that Individualism enhances strength and progression in one's life.

Furthermore, my individualism sometimes clashes with my work ethics when the working conditions are unfavorable in the company. I dedicate myself to working hard and adhering to the rules and regulations, but I am overworked. Moreover, when I ask for a day off, the management disapproves which affects my performance negatively because of being overworked by the company. I have tried to talk to the administration but in vain, although I have discovered that my colleagues are facing the same situation, which has been causing so much tense at work. I have raised the issue with our supervisor, and he agreed to call for a board meeting to find ways to calm the situation. The top management should always be supportive of their staffs to avoid conflicts in the organizations and to enhance freedom among the workers, which can be able to offer room for new ideas in to boost the growth in a company. I trust by doing so they will promote our high level of personal responsibility, and the individualism will give space for competition, therefore, creating room for promotion.

Besides, the work ethic is a core value for students since the social acceptance in the organization is vital because it enables a student to gain access to scholarship opportunities. Such social recognition comes into compliance with the existing social ethics and the systems. Students should be well equipped with the ethical aspects of their professions to enhance navigation. Furthermore, many corporations have embraced a codified account of ethics and conduct and offer assignments and value statements that advocate a scope of standards to which the personnel within the organization are expected to adhere. Further, specialized groups such as engineers, educators, nurses, and attorneys, also have a moral code and conduct enunciating the kind of manner expected of the individual occupation. An emerging graduate has to be sentient of their obligation to be led by these ethics (Zegwaard: 2011).

One of the U.S core values that Kottak should add in the 18th edition of his book is freedom as a basic value. According to American Core Beliefs: (2017), Americans usually consider their civilization as the liberated and the finest in the globe. Americans' perception of freedom is molded by the founding fathers' conviction that all inhabitants are equivalent and the role of the government is to guard each "inalienable" privileges. The U.S. establishment's bill of rights guarantees personal entitlement, including provision for freedom of communication, media, and faith. Volunteerism is another essential value to the American's, and it entails the people serving the people within privately commenced projects, instead of the government-supported interventions. Helpers are extremely enthused people; they are the personnel who arrange themselves and others to resolve a specific society want rather than waiting for someone else to do it. Another significant value to the American people is patriotism; state honor has become sturdier than county pride. The prevalence of partisan emblems: flags fly in residential quarters, bumper labels publicized, "I am proud to be American," and the national anthem is played at every sports occasion. National festivals such as Thanksgiving and Independence Day deepen the feeling of the national identity. American partisanship is focused upon the remarkable episode of the country's foundations as a new start, and upon the notion of freedom, which instigates the nation's commencements. Moreover, advancement is a critical core value to the U.S. patriots and is linked with the impression of liberty. The country's development has been dignified by the taming of the boundary and industrialized growth. The longing to develop by making use of the openings is vital to the American people. In this migrant civilization, advancement is individually calculated as family evolution over the generations. Many Americans can brag that with each prospering generation since their first ancestors arrived, the family status has improved. The classic American saga is about progress.


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