Essay Example on Impact of Education on Nursing Practice: Evolving Scope & Quality Care

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Impact of education on nursing practice broadly explains the evolution and the scope of practice existing in nursing. Additionally, the effect of education on nursing practice immensely defines an array of approaches nurses employ in offering the patient the quality service. Nursing specialty recognition, scope and standards review, healthcare licensure, choice in healthcare providers, and protecting and advancing the scope of practice present ideal sections of elements that broadly explains how the nursing practice has changed over time (Fraser et al., 2019). In the case of nursing specialty recognition, range and standard reviews, a board governing nurses' practices and standards of practice have been put in place with a role that primarily serves for identification of nursing practice in the region. The board include American Nurses Association, which define nature of practice by approving a specialty of nursing practice statements, acknowledgement of specialty nursing practice in different health care institutions and affirmations of practices involved in nursing practice. Healthcare licensure again covers an element of nursing practice that exponentially explains how the nursing practice has changed over time. With licensure, the scope of nursing practice has changed as specific individuals have been offered mandatory to practice nursing across various institutions. The idea governs approaches to treatment nurses use to provide patient care.

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The existence of boards that governs the scope of nursing practice largely influence the evolution of training and approaches that efficiently improve patient care since it involves affirmations of deliberate practices across the nursing practice. Furthermore, the choice in healthcare providers has changed the scope of nursing practice as well as an array of approaches that improves patient treatment outcome. The idea of choice in healthcare providers brings the concept of competent expertise in the scope of nursing practice thus ideal idea of improved patient outcome.

Comparison Between Associate and Baccalaureate

Clinical ladder program forms the primary differentiated practice competence between an associate and baccalaureate education in nursing. The clinical ladder involves a structured system that provides nurses' career with advancement while in a clinical setting and includes direct patient care. In the case of associate, clinical ladder program as a scope of practice in nursing provides associate with ideal skills centered towards direct patient care. The practice competence for an associate is far compared to a baccalaureate in the case of the clinical ladder educational level (MacLeod et al., 2019). Baccalaureate is competent when it comes to clinical ladder program as it is part of the program offered during training. In the case of job offer or skills involving patient care, baccalaureate entails better-trained skills capable of tackling more complicating jobs. The skills serve a better position which improves direct patient care associated with baccalaureate nursing education. The contrast between the two, associate and baccalaureate, again extends to education differences, the program length of study. Associate education program takes two years and baccalaureate education program for four years. The educational duration of study forms the education difference between the two, associate and baccalaureate.

The scope of practice changes is experienced in management, nursing theory and informatics, as well as additional courses, helps better understand complexes issues experience during patient care. In the case of management, the scope of practice changes is ideal in leadership social sciences and critical thinking and communications. Level of competencies and changes in the scope of practice depends on the area of practice either administrative, research of teaching positions. The scope of changes is again introduced in nursing theory, a theory that teaches nurses how to use new technology in the workplace and especially in the case of patient care.

Significance of Applying Evidence-Based Practice

Evidence-based practice is essential as it provides students of nurses and nurses value of evidence-based practice to provide quality care to the patient. The approach again provides nurses with scientific research, which help them make a sound decision regarding medical approaches that broadly seek to enhance direct patient care across healthcare institutions. The evidence-based practice offers nurses with protocols ideal in managing patient care with form importance of the approach to nurses and patients directly. Additionally, the evidence-based practice comes with an array of approaches that enables nurses to understand the effectiveness of a diagnostic test regarding patient care. The approach is ideal as it helps improve patient care in the region and forms the essentials of evidence-based practice in the scope of practice. The academic preparations of the RN-BSN support application of evidence-based practice by incorporating its value in educational programs. Furthermore, evidence-based practice is taught as an individual patient's need preference.

Nurses Communication and Collaboration with Interdisciplinary Team

Structuring communication, protocols for expressing concerns and handoff process present a series of approaches explaining how nurses communicate and collaborate with the interdisciplinary team and how this again improve patient care (Nontamo 2019). In the case of structuring communication, the approach involves a series of steps that prepare one's before communicating. It is an ideal procedure employed in nurses' approach to communication that broadly helps them communicate and collaborate with an interdisciplinary team. It involves an excellent description of the situation which reflect a comprehensive picture of the patient's need. Protocols for expressions of concerns is the ideal part that defines a nurse's nature of communication and collaboration with an interdisciplinary team. Each set of approach mentioned is an essential part of the conversation that improve patient care. With an excellent description of the patient case, the collaboration improves patient care because the service provider is timely.


To sum up, the impact of education broadly defines the nature and scope of nursing practice as well as the evolution of the practice. The nursing practice has changed from nursing licensure, recognition of specialty, among other essential sections of elements explaining how the scope of nursing practice has changed. Comparison between associate and baccalaureate exists in length each program takes to be complete. In the case of associate, the period, in most cases, takes two years and four years in baccalaureate.


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