Essay Example on Hostiles: Exploring Historical Accountability Through Western Landscape.

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Date:  2023-02-27

The movie, Hostiles is believed to be one of the ever best-acted movies in the world of Hollywood based on its contents and method of production. The film involves the American West, who are depicted as depressed. Notably, the director of Hostiles, Scott Cooper, employs the use of the Western Landscape to explore historical accountability and review the moral certainty within the United States. Undeniably, his film begins with a famous quote, which asserts that the American soul is hard, isolate, and stoic and therefore has never been melted. Even though the average American citizen today has been sated by capitalism, they have never been real than their application to the American West. The majority of the characters in the film are whites who have survived the Civil War as well as the Indian Wars, where the white colonialists eradicated and destroyed the native tribes. In the movie, they are therefore depicted as both the killers and survivors. However, no significant conflicts are represented in the year 1892, when the film occurs. The characters are consequently subjected to a situation where they are required to reflect on their past violence and attempt to avoid any new outrages while at the same time desiring to be redeemed.

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Undeniably, Hostiles, therefore, depicted itself as a considerably beautiful shot and acted movie with an impressive production, which significantly explores the aspects of humanity, history, and identity. It is, therefore, a revisionist that strips away the traditionally held perception of the good guys and bad guys on the American Frontier. Contrary to this notion, the film explores the inconsumable impact of many years of the colonial battle against the indigenous people of that particular part of the continent. Overall, the audience can depict that the film seeks to avoid numerous genre's cliches and ends up slithering into several well-worn and dull dynamics of the noble Indians subjecting American to lessons. The audience is, therefore, able to learn about this strictly because the film is directed by Scott Copper, who depict issues through persistent violence scenes.

A closer look at the Hostiles film would depict the presence of a deep melancholy that penetrates through Hostiles and probably every single film done by Scott Cooper. Notably, the filmmaker seems to make a type of movie which the industry experts perceive less viable throughout the year. Ideally, the Hostiles demonstrates uncommon grim for the mainstream picture movie start but also a western version of film that has previously fallen from the good graces of audience. Broadly, this is evident by the fact that Cooper's film both embraces and questions the West Mythology. Notably, cooper keenly underscores the violent history of the United States and desires for the atonement. However, he is also largely dependent on numerous generalizations that he attempts to dispel. Whether he performs this deliberately as a commentary on behalf of the white Americans to casually live with the past atrocities or through an oversight relies on the interpretation of the audience. It should however be noted that the amount of the film that is played out as the obvious and which makes Cooper's message simple is lost. The film undeniably boasts of a tremendous didactic quality that considerably reinterprets the Western Mythology and depicts both the sides of the classic Cowboy. Because of the fact that the film originates from the perspective and provides the personality to its white perspective and gives personality to its white characters exclusively. This is politically troubling. Undeniably, the material efficiently implants a considerably sense of remorse Western that exerts the same mistakes all over again. Although this is so, Hostiles is beautiful and has a fabulous cast.

The Hostiles is an impressive and independently financed movie. Notably, Cooper spent nearly $40 million picture which does not adequately strike a chord with the mainstream audiences. Although it is undeniable that the western enthusiast may describe it as one of the few serious-minded entries or movies in the 21st century, this is not the case to a given extent. In reality, Cooper through his movie has tremendously drawn from the Fordian motifs as per the suggestion. The revisionist quality of Hostiles recalls various movies such as Heaven's Gate (1982) and the Unforgiven (1992) and this is portrayed in its extra scenery, natural light and the shadow. The pristine lensing by the Cinematographer Masanobu Takayanagi complies with the earth palette of colours, and this is observed while filming on the location within Arizona and New Mexico.

Audience have further the opportunity to note that the pieces in the move are unyieldingly consistent based on vision and tone. Scott Cooper fascinatingly makes a construction of the tale of hostilities which portrays all the mechanisms through which evils and oppressions can emerge from the time of the war opposition to the opportunistic cutthroats to the mental traumas to the weather. Hostiles is therefore a steady display of ruthless cases where nearly everybody and anything is a killer in its own way. Although there is depiction of an agreeable senseless and nihilistic and boisterous finale, Hostiles shows a partial satisfaction to be found in the savage destruction of numerous villains, revenge especially when it observably monstrous scoundrels.


In conclusion, therefore, it become evident that Cooper's style is extremely elegant because of its unhurried pace incorporated alongside the heavily accented characters. They generally constitute to a rich, widescreen imagery with positively beautiful landscapes. Through the application of these scenes, videographer Masanobu Takayanagi completes the close-ups trough favoring of the carefully blocked, painterly compositions. In the movie therefore, Cooper does not intend to ask his audience to recognize his broad array of taste but simply offering them the opportunity to subject themselves either emotionally or physically into the scenes portrayed in the movie. In fact, this observation constitutes to one of the rationales behind the fact that a number of viewers have found the profundity in the movie. Consequently, the movie tremendously demands that its audience should demonstrate and think about the movie elements that have been left unspoken or have not been illustrated by its characters who are heavily dominated with their heavily accented speeches or actions.

As such, the movie not only delivers the Cooper's best performance by using the characters to deliver not only powerful thematic that emanate from their encounters. The audiences are further subjected to an environment where they are able to infer or deduce the ideas from the similar recurring elements of a movie to substantiate the director's thought. Some audience are even made to care of the characters whom Cooper lacks qualms regarding killing. This is based on the fact that the characters are consequently subjected to a situation where they are required to reflect on their past violence and attempt to avoid any new outrages while at the same time desiring to be redeemed.

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