Essay Example on Hearing vs Listening: Have You Been Tuned Out?

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Date:  2023-05-03


Hearing and listening use the ears but they are different. Hearing occurs when sound waves are received through the human ears while listening occurs when a person receives the sound waves and understand what they hear (Sara, 2018). Therefore, hearing involves a physical process, but listening entails a lot of psychological processes that enable humans to have the meaning of the sounds received.

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Have You Ever Been in a Conversation When You Felt the Other Person "Tune Out?"

Yes, I have been in a conversation when I felt the other person "tune out" multiple times. It involved a conversation where I was speaking in a monotone. I was also not maintaining eye contact and ignoring interaction. I could fail to effectively regulate personal space and that caused the other person to tune out.

Have You Ever Found Yourself "Taking a Vacation" When You Were Supposed to be Paying Close Attention?

Yes, I have ever found myself "taking a vacation" when I was supposed to be paying close attention. Many times when having a conversation, I tend to remember things that divert my attention. The speaker was also using too many filler words making it difficult to listen.

Do You Find Yourself Asking Other People to Repeat Themselves Frequently?

Yes, I have found myself asking other people to repeat themselves frequently. Every time I get distracted by noises, overlapping conversations, stammering and poor tune, I tend to ask people to repeat themselves frequently. Poor listening also makes someone to ask others to repeat their statements.

What Style of Speech Holds Your Attention and What Numbs Your Senses?

Some of the styles of speech that hold my attention include frozen speech, formal speech and consultative speech. The above speeches are used at respectful events, involve complex sentences and phrases that need attentiveness (Martin, 2018). Casual and intimate speeches numb my senses because they engage peoples who are closely related examples, family members, groups, or peers.

Discuss a Recent Positive or Negative Experience in Which Effective Listening Was Critical to the Outcome of the Conversation

One week after school opening dates, the school management organized a conference and hired professional speakers. Some of the topics addressed included how to study effectively, the importance of consulting the teachers, how to debate and time management. These topics help in improving academic performances and demanded effective listening. After the conversations from the speakers, it was a requirement for everyone to have some assessment and to practice everything that was addressed. Therefore, there was a great need for listening effectively to understand everything that speakers were addressing.


Martin, J. (2018, September 11). Speech styles. Oral communication in context.

Sara, L. (2018). What's the difference between hearing and listening? Healthline.

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