Essay Example on Growth Through Daily Transformation: Sources of Change

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Date:  2023-01-10

Every day, we all undergo transformations evidenced by the difference between us today and yesterday. This can be shown through changes in behavior, character, thinking and how we do our things. This inherent changes can be attributed to several factors which may vary from one person to another. The question is what are the sources or the causes of these daily transformation?

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Life is a school where lessons are learned every day. The teachers include the people and the things that surround us. What we experienced and did daily tends to influence how we behave, act and respond to various things. Behavior, character, and personality are the determinants that measure this growth.

The behavior for instance, refers to how we act towards several things. Often, it is something which is developed and not genetically in our systems. It is influenced by the people that we stay around. We may pick how we do things for instance by observing friends. We then act similarly. This, therefore, becomes our way of doing things which in turn becomes our behavior. Motivational talks and advice can also influence the choice of actions that we take.

Similarly, personality and character go hand in hand. Personality describes the character of a person. In most cases, it deals with how we respond to various stimuli (Cervone & Pervin, 2015). For example, emotional intelligence can be used to determine a person character. It takes into consideration how an individual responds to various changes in the environment. This varies from one person to another.

Therefore, someone's behavior, personality, and character are caused by the environs and the people the person interacts with. These groups play a part in motivating, advising and directing the course of action of the person. The information the person obtains from these and how the individual internalizes the information is turned to knowledge which shapes the individual (Campanella et al., 2014). This is what many refer to as life lessons or the education of life.

The formal education that many go through also plays a big role in shaping the life of the people. Coupled with the above, they form the key components that attribute to the daily transformation that we go through. The former, mostly influence the social life of the individual while the later influences the career life of the person. The all work together in bringing about what we define ourselves to be.

Along these discovery moments through the evaluation of the information that the individual gets from the various sources, a person develops mentally. That is why at some point, you're a child and after a couple of years an adult. Each age bracket has their distinct roles. It is expected of adults for instance to have some level of maturity that the children. This may not be necessarily by the level of education one has, but by the level of growth, they have from the lessons the society gives.


In conclusion, every individual, therefore, has distinct values that they hold on from the information they have filtered and that which they have practiced. They obtain these from the surrounding environment such as friends, society, academic life, parents, advisers, and even personal discoveries. The lessons shape the mental strengths of the person which will, therefore, manifest in how they behave, their personality and character. Thus, how one was yesterday may be a different thing all together this day.


Campanella, F., Crescentini, C., Urgesi, C., & Fabbro, F. (2014). Mindfulness-oriented meditation improves self-related character scales in healthy individuals. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 55(5), 1269-1278.

Cervone, D., & Pervin, L. A. (2015). Personality, binder-ready version: theory and research. John Wiley & Sons.

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