Essay Example on Firing Employees: The Importance of Face-to-Face Conversation

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Date:  2023-01-26

Your company is going through reorganization and you have been tasked with firing three of your team members. Face-to-face conversation According to Hamm, Frew, and Lade (2018), firing an individual from a workplace should be done face-to-face and not via e-mails or telephones. It is essential to understand that face-to-face conversations could be useful in ensuring that the employees to face termination do not have bad feelings that could lead to different other consequences. Also, with face-to-face communication, one would tell the employees the reason for the decision and clarification would be given quickly in areas that the terminated staff may not understand. Resentments are prevalent in the hiring and firing processes. However, having face-to-face communications on firing a staff member could reduce any form of irritations since it is a show of respect and care to a worker, which would otherwise not be shown via the use of emails or telephone calls.

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You have a last minute change to a meeting agenda and need to let meeting attendees know about it quickly. Telephone Importantly, telephones have a significant impact on how an individual carries out his or her business within an organization. It is essential to understand that phones are crucial especially in times when a person needs to communicate urgently to others and notify them of any changes or factors of consideration. The mode of communication is quick and convenient and could help in saving time, which explains why it is the selected mode of contact for this task. Consequently, Lanclos (2017) asserted that the use of telephones could help in reducing time wastage and ensure timely relay of information to the receivers.

Your company is running a special limited time promotional offer for customers. Social media post The world today is advancing technologically in a significant way. Therefore, social media has grown to become a tool that companies could use to reach to customers in an informal and spontaneous method. The different social media platforms have made it a suitable host for promotions. Also, as Botting, Dipper, and Hilari (2017) indicated, social media helps raise brand awareness, provide a fast route to the market, and deliver real engagements with the customers directly. Customers who view the promotional offer are likely to comment and share the most hence enabling a significant range of individuals to know of the special limited time promotional offer thus explaining why social media posts are the best-preferred option for this task.

You are negotiating a new contract with a supplier and need to discuss several terms of the agreement that require clarification. Face-to-face conversation As Slowinski (2015) asserted, it is suitable for a person working in an organization to take time and visit a supplier and hold face-to-face communication, particularly when making negotiations. Mainly, face-to-face conversations are essential since they help in changing the dynamic of relationships, making it personal. For effective clarification of an agreement, face-to-face technique of communication stands out as opposed to the use of emails and phones since one can get to understand it better by studying the responders' way and style of communication and the non-verbal techniques that are also effective in fostering an understanding. Besides, emails and letters could be vague, and one may not understand terms of the agreement, and the supplier may be reluctant for the negotiations, unlike with face-to-face communications that could be convincing.

You are inviting several subordinates to an impromptu business lunch to build team camaraderie. Telephone Conversations Telephone calls are easy and fast and aid in effective and quick communication of messages. Considering that the business lunch is impromptu, sending an email or using memos would not be effective since an individual may not see them. However, with telephone calls, a receiver would most likely respond to a call and the message relayed and their responses would be received instantly hence determining who and who will not be present for the business lunch. Moreover, this can help in ensuring adequate planning. Therefore, this explains why telephone calls are the best communication mode for impromptu business invites for lunch.


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