Essay Example on Fear & Loathing: Reflection of Society in Dramatic Literature

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Date:  2023-05-17

Dramatic literature is a reflection of society. The film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is based on two characters who spend a weekend together and come into drugs. The progression is a depiction that should be seen, yet many may not want to see. The film is a report on the narrator and his attorney. The mise en scene portrays a person dejected from his predisposition. The main character, Duke, is played by Johnny Depp, and the Samoan attorney, Dr. Gonzo, is played by Benecio Del Toro. They are the facile duo of drug addicts without a life perspective. The pair set on a milieus adventure of Las Vegas while zonked out and staggering in dark days. The essay provides a critical analysis of the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas while comparing to several other reviews based on drug and substance abuse portrayal.

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The film incorporates facial expressions in conveying the tumultuous emotion of the writer. The film has visualized and drawn the real picture of drug and substance use and the related effects. Societal representation through artistic and visual depiction is critical for authors and editors. Depp delivers a top-notch performance as he addresses the issues of drug abuse as a societal problem (Hoberman). Depp utilizes exaggerated facial expressions from clutching cigarettes to squinting and opening his eyes widely (Holden). Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is a peen to reckless indulgence on drug and substance abuse, portraying the rumination on the drug-induced sense of generational manifest destiny.

Duke and Gonzo have been depicted as humorous from the audience's perspective. Apart from the bizarre drug humor, the two give an unbelievable act on the drugs they are consuming. Johnny Depp, besides being an accomplished and creative actor, is entitled to play a character on extremes like Duke in this film. He tries to play the Duke in masquerade, with big shades, bizarre hats, and more characteristic. This ever-present cigarette holder is undoubtedly inspired by the Duke character (Gilliam, Grisoni, Cooper, Nabulsi, and Thompson, p.1). Besides the role, the Duke in the film is not easy to understand and talks on clenched teeth, which characteristically makes the film handicap. The film recurrently repeats the same playoff and setup, which is not engaging enough for the viewer. The unique repeat setup entails Duke and Gonzo taking drugs and staggering into new situations, inflict havoc, slipping up and falling out (Gilliam, Grisoni, Cooper, Nabulsi, and Thompson, p.1).

There is an alcoholic and an addict mentality that regards an absence of capacity to incur a charge of the mindset of the audience. The actors find pleasure in addiction and substance abuse. Moreover, the entire film attempts to bring up the degree of pretense, which characterized American society in setting (Hoberman). The film is set in the commercialization time of the American Dream (Holden). Like this, other than the film focusing on addressing the matter of drug misuse, it demonstrates practically no results of the training, the vitality of reclamation, other than the negligible exercises learned-the portrayal of the cast, where characters utilize clever props to depict a problematic incidence in society.

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