Essay Example on Exploring Racism & Culture: A Movie About American Diversity

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Date:  2023-03-12

The movie is about the American culture whereby there is an engagement of diverse stories between the different racial groups such as the whites, blacks and the Persian. The movie explores the contradictions and the complexities of racism, the white privilege and the internalized oppression. Also, the characters appear as the people who hold different positions, such as lawyers and directors. Due to the presence of different racial groups in the movie, some activities come out such as culture, communication forms and cultural bias in which the discussion is going to cover. There is also a culture of scapegoating whereby the other racial groups are treated in a way deemed to be a revenge for what had been done in the past.

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At first, the culture of the people clearly comes out at the beginning of the movie in the way they speak, dress and the process of solving their conflicts during an argument. Also, there is hostility in the culture whereby people could point others with guns during some small misunderstanding. During an accident that claimed the life a man, the two black men did not appear helping other than continues discussing their issues which clearly shows that there are gaps in the primary care that can be shared between individuals of helping one another.

Intercultural communication also comes out in the movie. Intercultural communication is communication between people from different cultures. The accent could be realized between the individuals as they speak that could indicate their language (Haggis, 2004). The accent between the people communicating is evident in the movie such as the Asians woman in her pronunciation could not differentiate between the "bright light" and the "break light" clearly indicating that there is an intercultural communication practice in the movie (Haggis, 2004). The Hibernian man also communicates with the girl in their language, something that made the gun seller push him.

On the part of diversity, the issue on ethnicities is to be addressed whereby "Crash" portrayed variety in the stereotype. Their victims of stereotype involve both men and females n the movie based on their cultural groups. The guns seller pushed the man out and instead sold the gun to the girl. Cultural diversity also exists in the film. There is an interaction between people from different cultures such as the whites, black Americans and Hispanics, among others. The existence of those cultures shows that there are shared relationships among people.

The movie ''Crash" displays a multicultural environment due to the spread number of different groups involved in the film. Multiculturalism has led to the rise of issues on the prejudice and the stereotype in the movie (Haggis, 2004). Through prejudice, people judge others by their experience due to a misunderstanding that has been created by specific individuals about groups such as blacks. In the movie, the white woman moved closer to her husband when two black men appeared since she was scared. The woman was scared due to the negative believes she has towards the black people either they are hostile or either thief.

Cultural competence is the individual understanding of the different cultures either through communicating or interacting and be able to develop a positive view of the differences that exist between different cultures. In the movie, there are no cultural competencies among the interacting groups. Each group views another as a threat to their safety. Whenever they meet especially, there is uncomfortable move such as the women moving closer to his husband after seeing the black man.

Cultural bias also appears in the movie. Cultural biasness seems where some languages were not tolerated. In the gun store, the Persian man was insulted by the owner of the store for communicating in their communication with her daughter and kicked out of the store. The storeman also accused him of suspecting him being a terrorist since the man is from a different culture.

Interpersonal relationships in the movie bare based on individual racial groups. The white men and women interact with their white counterparts and also apply the same to the other ethnic groups. In most of the occasion, you could see people such as the daughter and her father being together, the white woman who is also the district attorney and her husband and the two African -American men. Their relationship, therefore, is racially based since the individuals could barely make friends beyond their racial group.

Both the nonverbal and verbal communication has been applied in the movie as a form of communication. The white woman who is the district attorney clutching on her husband as she held the purse when they met two African-Americans indicates the use of nonverbal communication. The two African-American men identified the signs and decided to carjack the couples. Verbal communication has been used in calling up the police through a cell phone. The overall use of verbal communication has also been applied to cross the movie.


The discussion covers the movie "Crash" to identify the culture of the people interacting in the film. Culture comes in from the different racial groups that exist in the film, such as the whites and Africans Americans. The individual interactions, therefore, involves activities such as intercultural communication, cultural competence and bias, relationships between individuals as well as the verbal and the nonverbal communication that has been applied in the movie are all discussed in this case.

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