Essay Example on Exploring Political Science Trends Post WW2: UN Mission for Unity

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The pot world war two trends in political science are tremendous and serve to explain the current political environment in most parts of the world. The cope of political science expanded to include politics in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, regions which had previously been ignored, especially in Europe and in North America. This follows the formation of the United Nations body, whose sole mission is to bring unity among all registered members. At this time, Africa, Asia, and Latin America were taking shape in terms of developing independent countries. Most of the governance structure would assume either the American or the European system, according to the colonizers.

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According to Linz, politics took the shape of democracy in most of the countries after the world war. This is a system in which the citizens choose their leaders who would want to lead them. Every nation was required to have a constitution that was abiding. The leaders under the democracy serve for some time, after which another election I held. This democracy was not, however, affected in all countries, as some maintained their fundamental ways of governance. The united states are the country that I termed to have thrived in the implementation of democracy. The effectiveness depends on the duration of time in which the leader is given for the jurisdiction of their activities. Linz adds that unlike before the world war, where leadership depended on public opinion, it now required the view of individuals through an assessment of responsibility through analysis of the manifesto of the parties. The establishment of political parties first begun with the single-party political system and later on went to multiparty in most of the countries.

Behaviorism is also another political science issue that developed during the post-world war two periods. This subject views political science as quantifiable and observable phenomena that are independent. These issue studies that political institutions were the reflection of underlying social forces, and therefore, the study of politics should look more on the society, ultra and public opinion (Stansky). Thus a scientific approach was developed in political science. Linz explains that it is the time when people needed to look deeper beyond the physical and see responsibility and the chances of action based on empirical research. The limitation of behavioral studies is that it majored on voting studies; it did not contribute anything about actual government.

Another post-world war, two developing issues include political culture, which attempted to uncover the values and characteristics of society. In this, three political cultures were grown mainly the participant where the citizens, having an understanding, voluntarily take part in politics. The second aspect is the subject where the citizens would highly obey but will not participate. The third system is the local system in which citizens neither know politics more do they have any interest at all. Political culture accounts for the rapid economic growth and the democratization of countries in East Asia, after world war two.

Europe was also dismantled into the various regions following the colonization. For example, Eastern Europe would be left to the Soviet Union while German y maintained its border after a loss to Poland, a part of their territory. The powers of Germany were also dismantled so that they do not have enough military ability to start another war again. The colonies to the various groups would struggle later to gain independence during the 1950s and late 1960s. Africa was under colonization almost the entire continent, and those under the British colonies were delivered first. Countries that gained independence would focus on national development and reconstruction of the country. This included choosing leaders and the patterns of politics that would be followed in terms of term durations and systems of the election.

System analysis also developed in the field of political science. This is the study of how various parts and levels in a political system interact. It presents that just as the body organza function, so do factor in the political order. A failure of one component would cause a strain in the other element. In political science, it deals with how policies are made which guide the distribution of rewards about power, wealth, and status. It also explains the basis for the formation of international relations among various countries and the purpose it serves.


In conclusion, most of the subject matters in political science are currently influenced by the happening of world war two. The political system and political behavior in various countries across the globe account for shaping by the world war. This explains the striking similarity in most states, especially about their colonizers. The political system would assume the format of their colonizers. International relations also developed, intending to protect such wars through useful links. Democracy took root, allowing the people to be the decision-makers through the constitution. The individuals who act on the decisions would serve as representatives.

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