Essay Example on Department of Education Agency: Promoting Education Excellence in USA

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The department of education agency is found under the federal government and agencies in the United States of America. It is an organization with a collection of team officials beside other employees who work to ensure that every child in the USA gets easy access to the education resources as highlighted in the Department Of Education Organization Act (Baker). The agency is mandated to promote and provide effective and efficient education excellence by giving a platform of similar opportunities to the learned through public schooling (Thomas and Brady).

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To ensure that this mandate is successfully achieved, the agency has recorded a total of 4000 employees to work in various sections within the agency department, and %$68 million was also allocated in the year 2018 under the leadership of the current head of state of US, President Donald Trump to aid in the general financing of all activities carried out within the agency (Barr and McClellan). However, this money seemed to proliferate repeatedly in 2019 budget of US where a total of $129.8 billion was explicitly allocated to assist the education agency in achieving its set goals and objectives and eventually reaching its high standards of worldwide recognition as one of the most competent, valuable and committed agency (Barr and McClellan).

Department of education is one of the smallest agencies in the US, considering a relatively low number of employees in comparison to the other 15 federal governmental agencies. As earlier stated, the agency has got a total of 4000 employees and is headed by a United States secretary of education. The mission of the agency is to create equal job opportunities for learners after securing knowledge in public schools. Over the years, the agency has positively advanced, and from its mode of operation, it had changed its way of work and mission, making the agency even much better than when it was created. President back Obama in 2010 changed the mission gear of the agency from no child left behind act when it was created back on date 4th, May of 1980 to every student succeeds act (McGuinn). This introduced another point of view that, not only should children be provided with education, but the training must be a quality one to ascertain that all those pass through the agency succeeds at last.

Leadership and Major Problems Faced By the Department of Education Agency

Within the department, the United States secretary general is the head. Her leading role is to supervise the ongoing operations within the entire organization. As a result, there are offices for the deputy secretary and under-secretary whose functions is to monitor and make communication to the secretary-general about the progress, and also notify the secretary of any problems involved in the process of implementation. The secretary-general who is Betsy DeVos is supposed to be first nominated by the president and later go for approval in the house of the elected and appointed Senate (Elias et al.)

The department of education agency is, however, linked directly with other external organs and institutions, which helps it to keep running effectively towards achieving its prospective goals and objectives. For instance, the agency is linked with the human rights international development and security department. Whose main aim is to provide security by upholding the rights of all individuals staying in the USA. It is thus possible for many children to attend school as they will be assured of their security. Health agencies are another organ which cooperates with the education agency of the USA, to ensure that the lives of the learners remain safe in and outside school (World Health Organization). The partnership has also acted as a good motivating factor to many parents, and for this reason, the majority have released their children to school to acquire.

Most of the problems facing the education department are the impact of politicizing the whole process. Most politicians believe that teaching is the central theme in school (Bush, and Middlewood). Occasionally, the leaders contribute funds to the training institutions like colleges and universities, hoping the performance will be improved by that. This point of making it political and leaders failing to take personal initiatives of supervising the standards of teaching in schools against the requirement in a great menace. Studies have revealed that learning is the crucial factor for the success of any learner in school and not teaching as most people have considered. It is thus a piece of open advice that politicians should not use the opportunity of the fact that general performance in schools is low to gain influence and win votes by contributing funds for the schools but instead, take best initiatives to ensure that children in schools learn and are hardened to the maximum levels.

Department of Education Agency Evaluation

The department of agency is working pretty well with the current reinforcements done onto it in terms of financial assistance (Henry and Leitch). By offering $129.8 billion in the 2019 budget, achieving the success of the agency in producing successful people is just inevitable. the agency, through its leadership, has so far ensured that they serve children and their parents ethically upright by sacrificing and dedicating their time to play considerable roles in the children development process. By trying to fight the emerging shortcoming, the agency leadership has partnered with numerous groups with one principal aim of ensuring success for every child in the USA as Obama placed it in 2010 " success for all." Also, the department has assured that all 4000 and above employees are skilled with all the necessary technical know-how of working best in their sectors of work.

Nevertheless, to help make the agency more effective, it should increase its number of employees, to enable every student to gain (Miller). With 1800 schools and close to a million number of students, 4000 employees may need to strive beyond limits for them to achieve learner's satisfaction or meet their expectations in terms of service delivery (Miller). With the observed government commitment to meet the agency's aims, the leadership together with the finance sector created under the agency should uphold integrity at its peak, to avoid miscalculations which may lead to unnecessary squandering or misuse of the funds, instead of adding more learning resources.

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