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Data analytics is very important in the determination, integration and management of data for the progress of an organization. It is a process in which a data set is examined so as to draw a meaningful conclusion about the information they contain, increasingly with the aid of specialized systems and software. Data analytic is used in the management of organizations as well as schools in the districts as per this context and can be used to attract various investors in the Pinellas County as well as in Florida region. Through the use of data analytic and management techniques, an explanation for the uses of data software is given, an appropriate application of database management system by differentiating between various types of systems, their utilization, benefits, limitations and the commonly used tools which aid in the entire operations is clarified. Data analytics implementation will be imperative for the committee to deploy, implement, use the MySQL and cloud-based solution, create the project plan, aid in data modeling and interface creation (Allen & Terry, 2005).

Therefore, in the report, the researcher aims at defining the roles and responsibility in data management, identify the key organizational roles which shall be incorporated in the design, development, implementation, management, administration, and the maintenance of the cloud-based solutions. Besides, clarity in the use of MySQL interfaces into the management of Pinellas County, district schools and guide the committee in the implementation process. It will also explore on how the new system will influence the operations either in the short or long run. Besides, the report will evaluate the use of conceptual and high-level logical models for the proposed project and give the reasons for developing these models as part of the project and define the security needs for the data and the database. It will also give the appropriateness of the proposed data management system and offer an alternative solution of database type. The limitation of the alternative source of database management system is provided. The benefits of the new technology to the county are explored and an overall evaluation of the system based on the criteria laid by the county.

Roles and Responsibilities in Data Management

For the county to get the solution to their problem at hand, they are supposed to manage data and ensure that they are well organized and presented for analysis of the situation. Data management is the process in which architecture; policies, practices and procedures are developed so as to enable the data managers to accomplish the lifecycle of information and needs of an enterprise in an efficient manner (Baldoni, 2006). These thus ensure proper management of the organizations hence enabling them to achieve the set objectives. In an organization, Data Management systems have various roles as well as responsibility in different institutions as well as an organization during its development, design, implementation and maintenance. The roles include data collectors, who are the committee responsible for the collection of data and manage it to produce a valid conclusion, metadata generators who handle mass data, data analyzers who are responsible for data analysis and interpretation, project directors who are responsible for the management and administration of the project, computing staffs that are mainly responsible for data storage and backups, and data model or MySQL database designers (Baldoni, 2006). Besides, there will be some other staffs that will be responsible for running the instruments, managing the links between the schools and the external data centers, especially from the Pinellas County. Also, there is an administrative staff and support staff which shall be responsible for the management and the monitoring of the entire cloud-based solution and provides the mitigation strategies of risks which might accrue in an organization either in the short or long run. Moreover, the special skilled needed in the implementation such as GIS, relational database design and implementation, input forms or computer programing are defined so as to aid and influence designing, development of the MySQL system and cloud computing solutions for the district schools. These will help the committee as well as the entire organizations and institutions involved to achieve a better outcome in the implementation and management of the new system since the efficiency in the division of labor and specialization is enhanced in an organization (Baldoni, 2006).

Despite the roles, there are other management responsibilities which determine the implementation of the cloud system. The tasks should ensure that the entire system is achieved. They include identification of the blueprint and identify the skills needed to perform the task such as an availability of many individuals who know MySQL database management. Besides, there is a process of matching the skills required and the available staff as well as identifying the gaps and bridge when the entire system is achieved. Also, if the team of expert is not enough, the management should indulge in the organization and planning for the training process as well as hiring. Develop the training budgets and ensure that it is incorporated in the project budget. If at all it inflates the budgets, then the budget rationing is quite appropriate for the cost to be minimized. Then, the final responsibility in which the committee should ensure is achieved is assigning the responsible parties the role of monitoring the whole process and ensures it works as per the committee's proposal, recommendations and the set plans (Allen & Terry, 2005).

Conceptual data and high-level logical Models

Conceptual Data Model

These are maps which are quite useful for management and implementation of databases. It mainly provides the semantics of an organization and further represents the series of assertions about its nature. It defines the associations between various entities (Halpin, 2001). Therefore, the information gathered in the schools and entities are defined around the business needs and ensuring that the needs of the schools satisfy the database design (Halpin, 2001). It is known to be the system which is considered to be the simplest model in the implementation of the entire database management and application. The conceptual data model is crucial for the management of data perspectives but not the solution model. It is mainly used to aid in understanding and capturing of the business knowledge from the data perspectives. Besides, it captures key business entities such as concepts, persons and events in which the organization wants to collect data hence defines the relationship between the identified objects (Halpin, 2001). However, when the conceptual data models are not developed, the incorrect relationship was modeled in the logical data model hence enforcing data quality errors were forced into the system. Besides, the duplicate records can be created thus can lead to losing of confidences into the systems.

High-level logical Models

The logical data model uses conceptual data model to give the solution in which businesses, organizations as well as institutions uses to make viable decisions (Allen & Terry, 2005). It gives the detailed information about the data without recognizing how the schools and the committee will implement it in the physical databases. It mainly defines the primary keys for various entities, find the associations and attributes between these entities, and ensure an appropriate and effective normalization is achieved. The main reason as to why the committee proposes this model is due to the degree to which it helps in defining the way the cloud computing solutions are presented (Allen & Terry, 2005). The main benefits in which the construction of the logical structures brings to the organizations may include:

It helps the organizations to carry out the impact analysis and confirms logical process models.

It helps the users to understand the business data requirements and elements

It helps in the facilitation of the data sharing, use and re-use.

It will help the database designers and developers to design the databases.

It aids in the avoidance of the accrual of the data redundancy hence prevents the business transaction and data inconsistency.

Therefore, both the conceptual data model and logical data models are very crucial for the development of the databases and cloud computing solutions in various districts schools in Florida hence improving the data management to ensure optimization of the entire system. These will enhance the data management and properly achieve the planned projects by both the committee members as well as the entire management of the schools in the district.

The Security Needs for the MySQL Database

During the implementation of the database systems in an organizational system, there are some security measures which are supposed to be put in place. These may include making it secure against the hackers and attackers which can lead various organizations from illegal and unauthorized data manipulations which can lead to the creation of misleading results. These can be done by ensuring that all the accounts have the passwords, ensure that it is only the Unix users with write or read privileges in the directories are the accounts used in the running of the mysqld and ensure that the MySQL server is not run as the Unix root users (Bonnet, 2010). Besides, the servers should be kept secure by installing antivirus and antispam software, disable or restricts the remote access, and disable the use of LOCAL INFILE. Moreover, the software managers should ensure that the username and password roots are changed and guarantee that the test database is removed to warranty that the entire system meets the specifications (Bonnet, 2010). These will ensure that the information needed for the management of their information are met with a lot of certainties and ensure that the project implementation is met at the right time hence leading improved efficiency in management and utilization of the resources.

Evaluation the appropriateness of the proposed database management systemThe proposed database management system is a system which should ensure that the entire system meets the requirement of the committee as well as the users. In this case, the choice of MySQL database model is very appropriate since management of the Pinellas County schools still had no license for the use of commercial databases, and the budget allocation was not sufficient. Besides, it could handle a large number of instructors in the Pinellas County. It also helps to achieve the following outcomes:

It helps in the illustration of how the concepts of data and information systems are applied in data management.

It determines the appropriate application of database management systems by differentiating between the various types of systems.

It distinguishes between the uses, benefits, and limitations of commonly used tools and technologies in data and information management.

It relates the various functions and uses of a database to typical job roles and responsibilities within an organizational environment.

The tools which are proposed by the committee such as the utilization of the MySQL and the cloud computing system will ensure that the data of all schools are adequately managed efficiently hence leading to the effective management of the entire organization (Bonnet, 2010). Other systems which would have helped in addressing the problems of Pinellas County is Maria DB which is a core functionality, and an efficient alternative to the MySQL hence is quite an appropriate tool for the analysis.

Alternative Solution of a database type

The primary alternative type of data...

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