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Date:  2022-11-20


One of the problem within the health care centers is patient fall and documentation error. The main change in organization policy that will help to reduce these problems would be bench marking and increasing the number of medical staffs. Bench marking will help the health facility to learn how to organize their facilities in a way that will ensure reduce the cases of patients falling down. For example, the hospital should consider arranging various equipment out of human traffic so as to prevent the patients from hitting them and falling. Increased staffing will help to reduce the number of patient falls because there will be enough medical staff to look after them.

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Current Benchmark for the Organization

Currently, Mercy Medical has a small number of workers who served a small population. This issue is a challenge to the hospital because every patient who visits the hospital is not served adequately. Therefore, the numeric score for underperformance is six out 7. Underperformance could be affecting the quality of health care that Mercy Medical Health Center provides. The number of staff is small; therefore, they get affected by work overload. When there is work overload, the staff will fail to deal with every patient's case as it is expected and the may be subject to mistakes. The repercussions of not coming with any change in this policy for Mercy Medical is that the quality of service will completely deteriorate since the available staff will have to deal with a high population of patients, and they might not work efficiently (Williams, Szekendi, & Thomas 2014). Therefore, the number of clients will go down, and the reputation of the company will be affected negatively.

Ethical and Evidence Based Strategies

The ethical and evidence based strategy is to ensure that the methods used for documentation are legally accepted and have proper security measures (Ang, Mordiffi, & Wong, 2011). This measures will assist in reducing the documentation error because the records will be stored accurately. The other strategy is to ensure that all employees are given equal roles. All the employees should be given equal roles in that they will all participant to monitor the patients in different ways. This element will help to reduce the number of patient falls because most of there will be enough staff to monitor them (Staggs, Mion, & Shorr 2014). The needed requirement, in this case, would be the qualification of administering services correctly.

Environmental Effects

The main environmental effect that these policies is finances. The hospital has to budget its funds properly so that enough money can be allocated to support this policy. In the event there is no enough money to implement these policies, the hospital will have to look for sponsors. The other environmental factor that will be associated with the implementation of these policies is staffing. There should be enough number of staff who will help to control various equipment that will help to reduce the patients' falls.

Recommended Policy and Guideline

The recommended policy and guidelines to implement this policy is to ensure that the average number of patients who visit a hospital is known. Therefore, when the medical staff are getting hired, the number of patient will be considered so that at least the ratio will be 2:1. The other approach that can be used reduce patient fall is to ensure that the health care facility is well maintained. The health care facility should always have a dry floor because when it is slippery most patients will definitely fall. Also, the equipment used in the hospitals should be strong because some of the falls in the hospitals are caused due to poor equipment.

Organizational Resources

The main organizational resource that would be required when implementing these strategies includes funding. Funding would be required because when the new staff are hired, they will have to be provided with necessary equipment as well as salary at the end of every month (Trepanier, & Hilsenbeck, 2014). This policy is realistic and in light of environmental factors because it has very little harm to the environment.

Colleagues, Individual Stakeholders or Stakeholder Groups

When coming up with this policy, it is important to ensure that the colleagues, stakeholders, and shareholders are aware. This group of people within the organization are essential in the sense that they will provide any form of support that is required to make the policy a success. Example of the colleagues who will be use in the development and implementation of the policy include nurses and the doctors. On the other hand, the groups of stakeholders that can help in the development and implementation of this policy include the subordinate staff and the managers. For example, the role of the shareholders will be to provide support regarding funding so that the process of recruiting new staff can be carried out efficiently. The stake holders will help to carry out various tasks that will ensure that the medical personnel are working in a conducive environment. Also, the managers who are part of the stake holders can provide the money to fund the implementation of this policy. This approach ensures that the policy is implemented effectively and starts working.


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