Creative Profile Thinking - Paper Example

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Date:  2022-12-05

Creative thinking is a method of checking out situations and problem from a new point of view that propose unconventional solutions that might at first look unclear. The unstructured processes like lateral thinking and brainstorming are the ones that stimulate creative thinking in an individual. As a leader, you should actively use your critical thinking skills to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the information about the problem that is affecting the work performance and career of the employees in an organization. In an organization, for it to go forward there must be problems and finding the root of the problem and solving it is your responsibility as a Manager.

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Your position as a manager or any form of leadership you should have the skills and ways to solve the complex problem. Your responsibility is to identify and illuminate the problem, you have to understand the interests of individuals which also might be the cause of problems in the company. Create ideas and possible solutions that might be suitable to resolve the difficulties affecting your company. After coming up with solutions with the ideas, weigh them and select the ones which are most appropriate to solve a certain problem. After applying your possible solutions, you should again identify the mistakes that were made during the process of decision making so as to correct them if they have caused any alterations in your main conclusion.

In decision making, there are people who are fast thinking and others who are slow thinking, and others have similar thinking and different thinking styles. Some situations require fast thinker managers who will be able to deal with the problems appropriately. For instance, if there is a situation in your company and you are being required to join another production as soon as possible and the offer is only for a limited amount of time, this requires a fast thinking leader who will be able to evaluate and weigh the disadvantages and advantages, and also consider the benefits and losses of joining the other organization. Although fast thinkers are important in these situations, research shows that the slow thinkers are the one who comes up with the most appropriate and favorable decisions in a company because they take time to evaluate and consider the advantages and disadvantages required in a certain condition. There are other people who are divergent and convergent thinkers. It is advisable to have divergent thinkers because they think differently and come up with different ideas. When you consider the ideas brought up by these individuals and choose the most appropriate ideas in making your decision.


The role I would love to have is to be a chairman in a certain company due to my skills that I use making decisions so as to solve complex problems affecting the company. For you, as a manager, you should use your managerial skills to relate with the people who have similar and different thinking styles. You should listen to both ideas from the different parties and using the most appropriate and by doing this you will maintain respect between you and your juniors. An organization has to have a board of members who will be leading the company. These leaders should have different. Styles to make decisions the appropriate decisions when it comes to matters concerning the company and this will also help them to increase their productivity.


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