Essay Example on Cyber-Bullying: A Growing Threat in the Digital Age

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Date:  2023-03-28


Cyberbullying has become an all too common occurrence in modern society. Victims may feel depressed, helpless and humiliated; in extreme cases they could even consider suicide as a solution. Technology implies that bullying is no longer limited to the streets or schools (Frensh & Mulyadi, 2018). Instead, cyberbullying may occur anywhere and has the potential of involving millions of online users. Thus, cyberbullies use various resources to terrorize others on the internet.

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Cyberbullies typically employ digital technologies to humiliate, harass and threaten individuals they desire. Unlike traditional forms of bullying, cyberbullying does not require two people being face to face; additionally it does not confined to one small group; rather it reaches all corners of society. Individuals have various perspectives and, under the correct situation, those distinctions raise to strife. How you handle that contention decides if it attempts to the group's bit of leeway, or adds to its destruction. These people may decide to disregard it, whine about it, reprimand somebody for it, or attempt to manage it through insights and proposals; or one can be thorough, explain what is happening, and endeavor to arrive at goals through normal procedures like arrangement or bargain (Help Guide International, 2020). Strife must be managed, yet the inquiry is how: it must be managed helpfully and with an arrangement, in any case, it is too simple even to consider getting maneuvered into the contention and make significantly bigger wreckage. It is a similar case with the people taking part in cyberbullying.

Role of Balance of Power in Cyberbullying

Bullying can be defined as any act of aggression between two individuals where there is an imbalance of power between them, with one person dominating over another person(s). Bullying does not discriminate on grounds of gender; both male and female bullies exist. The bullies tend to be bigger, stronger or more influential as compared to those who are bullied (Frensh & Mulyadi, 2018). This makes those who are bullied vulnerable to the bullies. Bullies use various forms such as sexting, spreading rumors and lies. Due to this imbalance of power, it is easy for children to change roles from being a cyber-bully to a victim at one point, then back to being the bully again.

At the point when a group violates the principles of contrasting sentiments, settling differences requires plenty of persistence. The human experience of contention includes our feelings, observations, and activities. People tend to experience it on every one of the three levels, and we have to deliver each of the three levels to determine it. One should supplant the negative encounters of cyberbullying with positive ones. Recognize the contention whereby the contention must be recognized before it tends to be overseen and settled (Help Guide International, 2020). The propensity is for individuals to disregard the principal indications of contention, maybe as it appears to be paltry, or is hard to separate from the typical, sound discussion that groups can blossom with. If one is worried about the contention in their group, they should talk about it with different individuals. When the group perceives the issue, it can begin the procedure of goals (Help Guide International, 2020).


Cyberbullying may not seem like a pressing concern to most, yet it remains pervasive throughout our modern society. Cyberbullying can have serious repercussions for its victims both physically and psychologically - including exposure to peers or internet users resulting in embarrassment or depression leading to self-harm or suicide attempts.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Essay:

Is it possible to anonymously report cyberbullying incidents?

Yes, many online platforms and websites offer anonymous reporting options to encourage individuals to report cyberbullying incidents without fear of retaliation.

What are some strategies for managing and resolving cyberbullying conflicts?

Conflict resolution in cyberbullying situations may involve replacing negative experiences with positive ones. Identifying the conflict and initiating a process of resolution within the group can help in finding solutions.

Can cyberbullying occur in the workplace?

Yes, cyberbullying can extend to the workplace through email, social media, or other digital channels. It may involve colleagues or even supervisors targeting a coworker.

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