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Practical organisation and control problems

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From Hong Kong Zhuhai Macau Bridge Pearl River Delta, China, there are practical organization and control problems that curtail the project from achieving the most desired efficiency. The easily noted ones are poor supply chain control and lack of innovation. Although the project engineers did a great job in conducting the right feasibility analysis for the project, it is clear the ability to resolve this problem depends on the feasibility analysis to be conducted in the project. In addition, these two problems create a series of the secondary problem that continuously cripple the performance of the organization. Managerial control mechanism fails to operate effectively inside the organization. Secondly, the lack of the sufficient resources inside the organization indicates the poor ability to control resources inside the organization. Baiden et al. (2006, p. 14) integrate approaches that help the organisations to work together in achieving the common attainable approach of creating solutions to the organization. Given the project suffered the lack of trained staff, accurate measurement systems, and statistical systems that would help manage the supply of land, it is clear that the occurrence of technical systems reflects to the possibility of the organizational systems that affect the organization. The organization control mechanisms help in developing the right appropriate measurements systems and training staff. Clearly, the organization fails to apply the right organizational systems because it lacks the right approach for creating strategic organizational growth.

Knowledge in project-based organising and controlling

Project-based organization adopts incremental and radical innovations that influence the structure and the control of the organization. The project systems integration stimulates the right innovation process for growth. Davies and Mackenzie (2013) explore the need to integrate simulation interfaces and subsystems for multiple stakeholders and coordination systems that are important for the organization. For Macau Bridge to work out in a respective way, the interface systems recreate the project in computation environment, which makes it easier to simulate the project technicality. The project introduces the right knowledge and project based systems that help in organizing and controlling the project. These subsystems help in building and coordinating the interdependence of information systems clearly improving organizing and controlling the organizational infrastructure. From Baiden et al. (2006) the need to maintain stability helps in creating knowledge structure that helps in determining, controlling and initiating the projects. The ability to deliver the innovation for the project depends on the incremental and the radical innovations that structures the organizational internal growth and structuring. A knowledge based project systems engineering helps in integrating and providing the higher efficiency for the project. Hence, the single infrastructure project has realized, to achieve lasting decisions for the organization, depends naturally on the ability to innovate the decisions that influence the structure and the control for the organization.

Project based learning helps in acquiring a systems-level approach for the modern organization through moving the individual assignments to teach and project-based activities, it is important to integrate project through the creative learning process that stimulate growth and professional situation. The project creates a learning approach that integrates problem solving mechanism tasks. Slaughter (1998). Project work helps to develop the entire systems that are assembled in various small pieces. Besides, the organization approach creates a problematic qualifications that are naturally on the outcomes on the success and failures that the organization provides.

The ability to establish the project as functionalists, reductionism, operational research and the prescriptive forms for the intellectual output CITE. Controlling and the performance-based mechanism reinforces a specific set of actions of the action that are required in undertaking for the producing and desired outcomes for managing the right motivations inside the organization. The management and relationship depends on the interrelated roles and tasks for interconnection. For the organization to be effective, the management has built a project team culture through the right project leadership mechanism, which helps in redefining values and believes that help in motivating and subscribing the required organizational goals. The organizational captures, manages and transfers the knowledge and project organization environment.

Project applied systems integration, innovation, design clustering

Largely, the project has applied innovation, design, clustering and systems integration technology that plays a vital role in performing the right innovation and growth. Being a single infrastructure project, the project considers the need to adopt these systems because they help in nurturing and improving practicability of the project.

System Integration

The project integrates systems process that brings together component subsystems that ensures the functions are brought together. The organization's information systems help in determining the applications to be adopted as well as the proper coordination of the system. In relation to such, the project has a fully function information systems infrastructure that helps in enterprise application integration, business process management and computer networking process. CITE. The system integrates an innovation procedure that helps in determining the capabilities and the interaction of various subsystems that are connected to each other via a system process design.


The project has adopted a creative innovative process that redefines an idea, method and the innovation. The innovation is viewed as part of the better solutions, unarticulated requirements that exists inside the organization. Slaughter argues that the longelivity of the project depends naturally on the organizational and social contexts that help in recreating the innovation process, which are a vital stage of the growth and the change of the current organizational systems. Innovation in this case helps in improving the modular and the architectural systems for the radical innovation. Slaughter (1998) explains that innovation plays an important process for the commitment and coordinating the organization process that are important in nurturing creative organization systems. The systems construction project technologies that are part of the systems structure and design process. The innovation process helps in determining the challenges that the organization is facing as well reflects on the growth that the organization is experiencing.

Design clustering

The organization has adopted a number of clustered designs that creates an experimental design process that creates general practice. The transformation process helps in developing perfect method of executing the project. Nicolini et al. (2011, p. 37) explores the clustering arrangement and their usefulness in the design and construction process. Clearly, the support efforts are part of the eliminated inefficiencies that help in managing costs for the project and reducing barriers and costs management options. From the journal, it is clear the goal of the system design is to ensure that it is possible to create the right practical approach towards project development. The project depends predominantly on this clustered design because they help in creating structures for organizational development.

Performing team integration

The project integration team incorporates performance integration through the universal problem concerning of team performance through the results required for the team. The team integration process motivates the performance criteria that use the following aspects, a project manager team objectives acceptance by employees, their involvement and the team objectives. A team organization has roles and scopes that are important for decision-making, processing planning evaluation and task distribution. A team climate creates commitment, openness, and participation decision. The process of communication creates a constructive conflicts, proaction, frequency and team composition. The integration team creates solutions for the additional issue of cultural diversification through international team specific emphasis for the selection and team members through active and sequential team and management forming, storming and performance.

Important practical organisational and control structures

There are practical organizational and control structure that are part directors and the managers who work closely with internal control structure. The first message helps in creating a broad perspective of the internal control structures for the control concept for the organizational control manuals. CITE The policies and procedures creates cultural characteristics for the organizational growth and policies for the important that director and managers aware for assess and key aspect for organizational culture and control perspective. These components include control environment of the internal control value for senior management team for the business attachment. The component addresses the control initiatives are implemented that maintain the lax control environment few policies for practice for a given employee.

Risk Assessment;

The component is part of the risk assessment creates small business to determine situation for posing legal and financial for risk assessment. The legal professional audit business employment records for files and complaints policies for the Employment Opportunities Commission.

Control Activities;

There are internal components for procedure, policies and best practice for business puts place to minimize risk management and organizational books for annual basis and ensuring internal team for performance management process.

Information and Communication

The control activities for the spelled for employee handbook. The department process training and risk management policies that are adopted management policies.


The internal compliance process helps in auditing the organization. The organization encourages the adoption and services for external auditing the project. The organization internal control success helps in reformulating for self-auditing risk management system.


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