Leading Versus Managing Essay

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Date:  2022-06-17

Leading and managing are roles that can be possessed by the same individual who is a manager and still executes leadership duties in his or her organization. In healthcare management leadership is derived from numerous aspects which include a nurse can be assigned the position to lead certain tasks, particular situations can prompt a nurse to head an operation, and a group of nurses can be led by an individual to address a common challenge or situation. The experience an individual is exposed to while working with different patients' problems give them the chances to distinguish how leaders and managers carry out their responsibilities to fulfill the objectives of their work. Although terms leader and manager apply interchangeably, the experience nurses go through in handling patients and other situational concerns show the slim line that demarcates their roles and responsibilities for the common good in the organization. A manager at any health facility or center is busy in making decisions that help the firm focus on the future planning as well as drawing workable strategies to eradicate certain problems that present themselves as practice shortfalls. He is responsible for making foresight arrangement on the continued practices of the organization by ensuring that there is harmony in control between the employees and the clients for long-term business relations. Another essential role of a manager makes sure that everyone commendably understands his or her role at the job. Therefore, he has been responsible for the performance and behavior of all employees.

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On the other hand, a team of nurses geared to common objectives forms different subgroups when carrying out our duties divided into groups with a team leader to offer direction of their operations. These leaders are responsible for ensuring that every member of their team hold their tasks responsibly to ensure that their day-to-day performance is effectively met. The leaders have specific responsibilities to ensure that the other workers follow a successful path in their performance and they inspire us to understand the primary roles of our daily duties. They also communicate important matters and decisions from the management and foresee the successful implementation of duties and responsibilities of junior nurses. Therefore, in workplace experience managers and leaders carry out distinct responsibilities that ensure an organization to conduct its goals and objectives. While leading and managing are colliding issues that portray how an individual nurse handles a situation presenting itself to them to find a workable solution.


In response to my classmate's response, I found a remarkable and informed differentiation on the duties carried out by the managers and leaders in their lifeguarding mission. Reading this response made it clear that managers and leaders make the work of other lifeguards distinct with the leaders ensuring that the daily performance of other lifeguards is run smoothly while the managers plan for future growth of the organization.

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