Essay Example on Conflicts: Deeper Than Interpersonal Differences

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Date:  2022-12-27

The conflicts which emanate from the differences between individuals can lead to blames on individuals. However, conflicts are so complicated because the causes come up at different levels. Sometimes conflicts may manifest in one particular context, but the roots and causes may be in the interpersonal differences or maybe a mismatch between the values of an organization or perhaps the factors which are outside the organization even at the level of the society. To understand the conflicts better, it is essential to understand the causes of the conflict. For instance, some disputes are caused by differences in priorities in life amongst individuals. However, generally conflicts emanate from different causes. Therefore, to understand the causes of the conflicts, it is necessary first to have a good understanding of the different layers of conflicts that exist in society amongst individuals or parties (Lead, 2014). It is essential for all these layers to be recognized as well as the existing overlaps between these layers and the categories.

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The only way in which the conflicts can be solved is first to understand their cause. The best way in which the causes of conflicts is to look at the different kinds of disagreements that comprise the different interrelate layers. In most cases, conflicts involve more than one layer. This is the reason as to why there is superimpose between different kinds of disagreements and their sources (Lead, 2014). The following are the five layers of conflicts amongst individuals:

Misunderstanding. These kinds of conflicts and disagreements originate from a genuine misunderstanding between what is implied or said. This is a situation where people hold sticks at the wrong end which leads to individuals understanding information differently from what the speaker intended to say (Lead, 2014).

Since different people have different values and belief, they tend to view things differently because the values and beliefs are the ones who determine how individuals see things. The differences in the values that people hold dear in their hearts will influence the way they see things. If they meet somebody in an organization or at the individual level who hold different views, they are likely to differ, and that will be the starting point of the conflicts (Lead, 2014).

The differences in the interests amongst individuals can also bring about conflicts. This happens when there is stiff competition amongst the available scarce resources. The resources might be the things that the people want for power, status and even their positions. At the company level, the conflicts may arise out of the fight for the available scarce resources (Lead, 2014).

Interpersonal differences also can create conflicts. This is the most common type of conflicts because naturally, some people tend to have difficulty coping with others. This is because different people have different personalities, temperaments, and styles in which they would want to see different things being done. This will cause a personal clash amongst the individuals which will eventually lead to conflicts (Lead, 2014).

The feelings and emotions also make different people have different types of conflicts. It is practically impossible for one to separate the feelings of getting hurt from the things that individuals disagree with. Even the conflict itself can bring about powerful emotions amongst individuals. The emotions that arise in one particular situation can spill over to other situations that are not related to the previous one (Lead, 2014).

Therefore it is essential that stress and conflicts are analyzed at the level of the sources whether environmental, personal, the deficiency of information or because of incompatibility. Stress and conflicts can cause physical conflicts which might affect even work (Lead, 2014). The other effects of stress and conflicts are low-self-esteem and other psychological problems that are likely to affect the performance of an individual.


Lead, D. (2014). Workplace Anxiety: How to deal with stress, conflict, toxic coworkers and bosses, and fear of losing your job. New York: Pearson

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