Essay Example on Cloud Computing: Changes & Improvements for IT Companies

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The service of computing has encountered a series of overtime changes and improvements over the past years. The prominent facilitation of these advancements propels from the need for information technology companies to incur reduces expenses of daily operation and capital. These companies have also embarked on the adoption of cloud computing to easily attain the scaling as well as the deployment of current computing services dynamically in the absence of any dedicated infrastructure of computers. The shifting from non-cloud to cloud computing by these companies has displayed a speedy transformation regarding the way their organizations regard their resources of information technology. From the restrictions of single IT systems, which consist of one operating system and application, these organizations have migrated to cloud computing, as it avails resources in an abundance of magnitudes where a user has a vast range to make choices from. The model of cloud computing permits the convenience, easy access of a network that is high on demand to computing resources that are configurable for the reasons of pool sharing and has a rapid provisioning as well as a release involving the interaction with the service provider, or a reduced effort of management. The paper, therefore, discusses a proposal of cloud computing in the ClubIT Company, whose intention is to revoke non-cloud computing services. It also compares a non-cloud computing solution to the models of cloud computing, as well as providing reasoning and recommendations for the adoption of the latter.

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Cloud Computing Business Proposal for the ClubIT Company


Due to the many business benefits that peg to cloud computing, the ClubIT Company, as an organization of that deals in the services of information technology, intends to shift from the non-cloud computing way of business. As a non-cloud IT Company, the ClubIT Organization executes its internet connections via the use of applications that are not in the cloud. Thus, it has flexibility regarding the matters of internet connectivity since these applications are accessible anywhere and anytime, as they are also able to achieve an internet connection (Kadir, 2019). However, the company must have an internet connection to initiate all these necessities. Regarding the issues of control and customization, the IT department of the ClubIT organization controls the schedule of updates, as well as the roadmap of products, since these solutions can be in customization at any time of the company's need (Tehrani et al., 2017). Therefore, as a non-cloud IT firm, the ClubIT Company often customizes its operations manually. However, the flexibility is costly and thus does not provide the ease of management.

Additionally, the company does not incur switching costs in its cases concerning the migration to the new products. The ClubIT Organization, therefore, uses the switching cost flexibility to evade the problems associated with figuring out how to allow easier migration of data when necessary (Tadesse, 2016). The company's provider can import relevant information and data from its old solution when required, in cases of migrating to new solutions. Despite these flexibilities as a non-cloud company, the ClubIT Organization has resorted to the implementation of cloud computing services with new purposes and goals. These current intentions prove to the company that the cloud computing way of IT business has multiple advantages and privileges that outweigh those of its current non-cloud way of business. The benefits and privileges experienced in the cloud way of IT business are inclusive of increased expertise in the management of new solutions, reduced monitoring and management time, as well as granting permission to focus on the core of the company's business by its team (Sarangi & Sharma, 2019). Since the company intends to migrate to the cloud way of IT business from its current non-cloud status, the above privileges and advantages are the purposes and goals of its business.

The Cloud Computing Business Needs by the ClubIT Company

The adoption of cloud computing forms of IT business by the ClubIT Company, from its current non-cloud computing from triggers due to the acknowledgment of the benefits associated with it. The company expects to address and fulfill its expectations, as well as experience the benefits and privileges that its non-cloud form of business deprives it of, as they are effectively and conveniently under a provision in cloud computing. Cloud computing will expose the company's business to a vast range of benefits, some of which are inclusive of permitting it to set up an office that is regarded as virtual. That way, it can attain flexibility coupled with connecting to its other parts of business anytime regardless of their geographical locations. These intentions will be in fulfilled easily by the company, given that many computing devices are web-enabled in the contemporary technical business world, many of which are increasing in number, for instance, tablets and smartphones. Some of these expectations to be addressed and fulfilled, as well as the benefits to be enjoyed by the company, are the following:

Lowered Costs of Information Technology

ClubIT Company will experience reduced costs in the maintenance and management of its systems of Information Technology. Instead of acquiring costly equipment and systems for its business, it will have the ability to reduce these expenses by applying the resources of its service provider of cloud computing (Tadesse, 2016). The company will be able to attain lowered costs of operation since there will be an upgrade of the costs of its systems because there will be an involvement of new software and hardware in its contract. The organization will not need to incur payment costs of rewarding the expert staff with wages. It will incur reduced charges of consumed energy, as well as experiencing decreased scenarios of delays of time.

The Scalability of Business

The ClubIT Company will, in different instances, have its business scaled down or up in terms of storage and operation, a fact that will quickly attract an immediate and appropriate response to suit any situation, permitting its flexibility during the alterations of the needs. The service provider of the company's cloud computing will handle these emergencies for it, instead of buying and installing the costly upgrades by itself (Sarangi & Sharma, 2019). The adoption of the cloud by the company will free up some more time so that it can progress in the running of its usual business activities.

The Progress and Continuity of the Company's Business

The protection of a company's systems and data forms a part that is vital following the planning of business continuity. The company will ensure that its data is stored in the cloud and is protected as well as backed up in safe and secure locations, despite the occurrences of power failure, natural calamities or any other forms of crises (Tehrani et al., 2017). The company will then be able to access its data more safely and quickly, a fact that will permit it to execute its business activities normally as before, reducing any lost productivity and downtime.

The Efficiency of Collaboration within the Company

In an environment of cloud computing, collaboration will give the company's business the capability of communicating and sharing with much ease beyond the traditional and usual methods. When the company has project assignments situated in different geographical locations, the company will implement cloud computing in giving the workers, contractors, as well as third parties, access to similar information files (Kadir, 2019). The company will also choose a computing model that eases its sharing of records in the inclusion of its advisors, for instance, the quickest and most reliable way of sharing secured records of accounting with its financial advisor or accountant.

Work Practice Flexibility in the Company

The adoption of cloud computing by the company will permit its employees to achieve tremendous and effective flexibility concerning their work activities (Sarangi & Sharma, 2019). For instance, it will enable the employees and any other company's stakeholders to attain the ability to access any necessary information or data while on holidays, at home, or while commuting from and to work, as long as they have a connection to the internet. They can also connect to their virtual office, quicker and with much ease, in case they need data or information while off-site.

The Access to Quick and Automatic Updates by the Company

The company's access to the services of cloud computing, like the automatic updates for the requirements of its Information Technology, may be included in its fee for service (Kadir, 2019). In relevance to the type and nature of the company's service provider in its cloud computing, its system will undergo a series of regular updates for the installation and configuration of the new technology. These can be inclusive of up-to-date software versions, as well as server upgrades and the power of computer processing.

The Target Cloud Environment and Technical Issues

The Cloud Deployment Models

The adoption of the cloud computing model by any IT company that intends to migrate from the non-cloud to the cloud computing business must incorporate the implementation of one of the deployment models. These are inclusive of Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

In the cloud deployment model of IaaS, the consumers are under provision with the capabilities of using networks, processing, storage, as well as other vital resources of computing where they have the ability to carry out the deployment and running of the arbitrary software, like the applications and operating systems (Tehrani et al., 2017). Here, the consumer is not in control or management of the cloud infrastructure that is underlying but can control and manage the deployed applications, operating systems, and storage.

Cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS)

In the cloud deployment model of PaaS, the consumer can deploy the acquired or consumer-made applications created using the languages of coding as well as the tools that the provider supports (Tadesse, 2016). The management or control of the underlying infrastructure of the cloud is not by the consumers. Still, they control the applications that are under deployment, and maybe those that host the configurations of the environment.

Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS)

It refers to the software in the cloud, as it reflects the abilities offered to the customers regarding their usage of the provider's applications, which run on infrastructure in the cloud (Kadir, 2019). These applications can be accessed from different devices of the clients via an interface like a web browser, for instance, Gmail, which is a type of SaaS offered by Google (Tehrani et al., 2017). The management and control of the underlying infrastructure in the cloud, which includes the operating systems, servers, storage, and capabilities of individual applications, as well as the network, is not the consumer's responsibility. The SaaS remains the most suitable and perfect cloud deployment model that should be adopted by the ClubIT Company as it is more mature in the cloud than the PaaS and IaaS, which are less evolved since they are the cloud's hardware infrastructure. In contrast, SaaS is a cloud software service (Tadesse, 2016).

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