Essay Example on CIO Job Responsibilities in Healthcare: Similarities & Differences

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Date:  2023-01-11

Chief Information Officers (CIO) serve different responsibilities in a healthcare facility. These responsibilities are dependent on the facilities they work in and may vary from one facility to another. In this essay, the description of their duties is given. The similarities and differences in job description one and two are discussed in detail below.

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The responsibilities of the CIO in job description one and two are similar in many ways. These include that in both the descriptions, the CIO is responsible for serving the healthcare facilities as the leader of information technology (Palvia, Lowe, Nemati & Jacks, 2012). It means that they spearhead the facilities' technology initiatives. The CIO in both facilities provides strategic business leaders as they plan and execute the firm's information system strategies to support the operations of these firms.

Also, the CIO in both job description one and two are similar because they give the goals and visions of the firm to meet the firms' target. The CIOs ensure that the firm's activities are in line with the mission of these facilities and therefore provide management and oversight in the firms' activities. They ensure that the activities are cost effective and meet the information technology objectives of these firms.

The third similarity between job description one and two for a CIO is in human resource management. In both firms, the CIO is responsible for ensuring that the workforce in the information technology docket has the required qualities (Grover, Jeong, Kettinger, & Lee, 1993). In both, they are responsible for the selection, training, supervision, and dismissal of employees in the information technology task force.

In both the job descriptions, the CIO is answerable to the Vice President of their firms. It means that the Vice Presidents in these firms can assign duties to the CIO other than the responsibilities described in the job description. In the first job description, the CIO can also be assigned duties by the Chief Financial Officer. On the other hand, the CIO in the second job description is only answerable to the Senior Vice President of the healthcare facility.

The qualities required for the CIO job in both job descriptions are similar in many ways. For instance, for both job descriptions, the candidate must possess a bachelor's degree and have an educational background on health facility administration. However, the types of degrees in job description one is different from that of job description two. Job description one requires the CIO to have a degree in Computer Science or Business Administration whereas the job description two requires one to have a degree in Information Systems or Engineering. Also, for job description one, the candidate should have a masters in hospital administration in contrast to job description two where the candidate can only have a certification by American Health Information Management Association or a similar professional association.

In both job descriptions, the candidates should demonstrate experience with the management of healthcare information systems and information technology. The experience is valuable because it proves critical skills in teamwork, management, and communication. The work experience in job description one should be at least three years whereas in job description two it is not specified.

The personal and professional attributes in both job description one and two include strong communication and negotiation skills, integrity, being a team player, and a good planner with abilities in problem-solving. These skills will ensure that the CIO can perform technical activities and make right decisions concerning information technology in the healthcare facility (Brigl et al., 2005).


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