Essay Example on China-UAE Ties: Growing Relations & US Impact

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There is a good and firm relation that exists between China and the UAE, and these are relations by people of China Republic and those from the UAE. These diplomatic ties or relations were begun in the year 1984. The relationship between these two republics has continued to grow immensely and get intensified by several factors over time. Because China has this relationship with the UAE, it has led to an effect in the relation of UAE and the United States of America in so many ways. This scope, therefore, focuses on discussing the international relationship that has been there for china and the UAE as well as the relationship between UAE and the United States/Europe. Additionally, there is a discussion of the ways through which this relationship between China and UAE has affected the relations of the USA and the same UAE.

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China and UAE Relations

According to the existing history of the international relations of China and the UAE, the UAE has got an embassy in Beijing, which it maintains. It also has a consulate general, which is located in Hong Kong. On the other hand, China has an embassy which is located in Abu Dhabi and then a consulate general, which is in Dubai. The two have been powerful international allies, and they have cooperated in areas like the economy, the politics as well as the cultural ones (Vallet, 2012). High-level trade has been associated and or created in these two countries because of this international relationship they began. For example, history shows that in the year 2007, the bilateral of China and UAE exceeded $19.4 billion in trade, and this was seen to be a growth of 41% in their trade and the cooperation of the bilateral at large. In the UAE, there are more than two thousand Chinese firms of construction, which are operating from there, and a large community that works in these firms is of the Chinese people who are primarily taking part in the construction activities. UAE is known to be the second among the most significant partners of china in terms of trade. This is the trade that takes place in the Persian Gulf region, and UAE is also among the largest buyers of the products made by the Chinese people.

UAE is a crucial economic partner of China and also appears among the most valued partners for the economic development of china in the above named Persian Gulf region, and this is because it serves as a transfer center of the products of China to the Middle East and other markets in Africa. This is as per the report given by Wen Jiabao, who also stated that there is a need for Emirati businesses to invest well in china and the companies of China to make investments in UAE (Haass, 2008). He added that the expansion of this bilateral always leads to the facilitation of the primary interests of the two nations. As of the year 2010, when the foreign trade minister Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi visited China, he said that the UAE had been keen to strengthen its strategic partnership with China as well as to make sure that they develop the investment and commercial cooperation.

Discussed in this part is all about the strong bond that has been established by China and the UAE then the latter part will have a look at how this international relationship, cooperation is going to affect or has already changed the relationship of UAE and US/Europe in the dimensions of politics, culture as well as the economic sectors. In the year 2010 may, the bilateral had a memorandum of understanding, and the aim was to push forward their cooperation in constructing a railway (Sila, 2003). Liu Zhijun and Sheikh Hamdan signed this document, and the two sides agreed that they would launch extensive cooperation in various areas, which include engineering construction, personnel training, railway development, and technical exchanges, among other areas.

Evidence of strong international relations between UAE and China are the regular diplomatic visits of various leaders. For example, in the year 2018 July, the UAE was visited by Chinese president Xi Jinping who met the UAE Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed and Prince Sheikh Mohammed of Abu Dhabi. This diplomatic visit was held in Abu Dhabi, and the aim of it all was to foster and strengthen the international cooperation of the two countries to increase business opportunities for Chinese people and companies and the UAE similarly (Sila, 2003). The UAE and China recently signed an initiative worth $3.4 billion with China with so many deals, and it is part of China's Belt and Road Initiative. The aim of this was to make sure that the Port of Jebel Ali was used for shipping the products from china to the world by the use of the strategic position of the UAE. This is because the UAE is both a land and sea trading hub.

Through this international cooperation of the two nations, there has been a high level of immigration. The highest level of immigration is for the Chinese people who are immigrating into the UAE because they are running company operations there in engineering and construction fields. Currently, there are more than 180,000 people who have emigrated from China and began living in the UAE (Vallet, 2012). A union of thirty-seven countries signed a joint letter in July 2019 to defend and cover China's treatment of Uvghurs in the region of Xinjiang. This letter was addressed to the UNHCR, and some of the countries which were involved in this were like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE itself. The aim of UAE convincing the other countries to participate in this was to take care of the relationship between UAE and China and make sure that the economic, cultural, and political benefits realized from the collaboration with China were maintained.

The International Relationship of UAE and US/Europe

Turning to the relationship between the United States and the UAE, it is clear that a lot is known about these two nations. Below is just a brief history of the way the two have ever cooperated in various sectors and how this relationship is currently changing with the UAE's cooperation with China in the current years. The UAE and the USA have been bilateral, relating in various ways for a very long time. The United States is one of the countries which are known to maintain a high technology, and that employs a lot of effort in fighting terrorism (Lake, 1996). The UAE is thus a well-known partner of the United States in the counter of terrorism in the Gulf. This is per the report or information given by Richard A. Clarke, who is the advisor on matters of national security and an expert on counter-terrorism in the US. UAE has helped the USA in fighting terrorism, and that led to the UAE being given a nickname little Sparta by the generals and secretary of defense of the United States James Mattis. This nicknaming was given to the UAE because of the active role that it plays against the Middle East extremists. Also, the UAE has been the host of border preclearance of the US in the whole Middle East.

The Diplomacy of the Countries

There have been good diplomatic relations between the UAE and the United States of America for a long time. Some of the most apparent evidence of the diplomatic ties areas discussed in the scope below. The US President Donald Trump and UAE president Sheikh Mohammed have collaborated in so many areas, as shown by a report from the year 2017 May in Washington DC (Lake, 1996). The US became the third country that established formal diplomatic relations with the UAE with an ambassador resident based in UAE from the year 1974. These countries have created a good friendship and cooperation whereby they developed solid government-government ties, and they formed active security cooperation. The quality of their cooperation has, over time, increased dramatically because of the coalition's campaign, which was led by the USA in an attempt to end Kuwait's occupation by Iraqi. Additionally, to support evidence of this strong relation and cooperation, the ports of UAE are known to host more ships of the US Navy than all other ports outside the United States.

United States Security

The former United States of America ambassador of the UAE Richard Olson said that if anyone wanted something done in the middle east, it was well known that the Emiratis were there to do it, and this shows how strong their relations bond had become. Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba leads the UAE Embassy in Washington, DC, and he presented his credentials in the year 2008 July (Lake, 1996). UAE embassy was opened again in Damascus in the year 2018 December to build the initial ties with the government of Syria and President Bashar al Assad. UAE took this step against the will and wish of the United States, and at the beginning of 2019, UAE had a trade delegation with the Syrians. The delegation was with the leadership of a businessman who had been in the list of US treasury sanctions from 2011.

Nuclear Cooperation

Looking at the bilateral nuclear cooperation agreement, January 15th, 2009 was marked by Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, US State Secretary Condoleezza Rice and United Arab Emirates' Foreign minister signing a bilateral agreement which majored on the nuclear cooperation peacefully to enhance non-proliferation of nuclear standards internationally (Vallet, 2012). The then US President Barrack Obama endorsed the deal, and it was taken to Congress in the year 2009 May 20th for a mandatory review. After it was heard, Foreign Affairs House and the Senate of Foreign Relations Committee leaders gave resolutions to support this agreement, and it was later on put into action.

The bilateral has cooperated in various matters to do with the military. The United States and the UAE diplomatic notes exchange, which brings agreement of peaceful nuclear energy cooperation by civilians into force, and this is as of December 17th the year 2009. There are three military bases of the United States which are maintained in the UAE. These are the Al Minhad Air Base, Al Dhafra Air Base, and lastly, the Fujairah Naval Base. There is also a major hospital of militants in significant America's facility of medicine in Germany. There is also another center being constructed in UAE, and the army of the US will run it, the US Defense Department, as well as the UAE Armed Forces (World Health Organization. 2006). This center under construction is known as the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. The UAE has been of great importance in helping the United States of America to counter terrorism in the Gulf. This is as per the report given by Richard A Clarke, who is the coordinator of national security, counter-terrorism, and protection of infrastructure in the United States. The UAE armed forces were structured by the deputy commander Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan so that they are closely aligned with the United States military.

History shows that the UAE is the only Arab country that has been in a position to commit many military troops for the humanitarian aid missions the war led by the United States in Afghanistan. As stated earlier, the UAE military was known by the nickname little Sparta by the armed forces of the United States. James Mattis was among the generals of the United States Armed Forces who contributed to the nicknaming of the UAE military after seeing the active and also productive role they played in the war against terrorism. The same Mattis called the battle led by the UAE armed forces in 2016 in Mukalla, a model for the American troops, and he was trying to reference how the UAE armed forces made it liberate the Mukalla port from the Al-Qaeda of Arabian Peninsula forces within 36 hours. Yet, the AQAP had held it for over a year. Before the adminis...

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