Essay Example on Business Management: A Perfect Career Choice for Business Growth and Success

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Business management is a perfect choice for any individual that wants to track his/her career fast or even learn more concerning the facts of beginning and managing the business. The knowledge on the field offers me insight that enhances productivity, performance, and efficiency in the business world. There are, therefore, various other reasons for choosing business management as my career path. It is of considerable significance because it enables me to attain the roles with long term prediction (Ng et al., 2017). It develops career-specific knowledge to enhance employability. It also helps me join diverse fields that range from administration to integrate management. The career path also helps me in improving my communication skills and collaborative instruction.

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Again, it prepares me for a universal career. The international perception that combines with in-depth business knowledge makes me essential in the various institutions. Employability enables one to enter the sectors with many chances for the graduate trainee system, above typical beginning stipends and career development (Jackson &Bridgstock, 2019). I believe that my theoretical and realistic understanding of business and management that prepares me for working in various levels of sectors entailing business, sales, marketing, and human resources. Furthermore, it makes one for the workplace set through the development of interpersonal skills, thus equipping me with the management skills that are significant for becoming an entrepreneur or leading a business (Jackson &Bridgstock, 2019).

Over the years, I have seen my successful uncle working in this career, thus serving as a motivating aspect. Furthermore, my values tightly tie with this career preference. I believe my values, such as respect, consideration, empathy, affection, appreciation, openness, and love towards humanity, are vital to enhancing this career. The study for a business management degree enables me to widen my organizational knowledge in business. It also offers me with subject-specific understanding in various areas like finance, market, customers, communication, operation, business strategy and policy, and information technology.

About other careers, the business provides more chances for advancement in career. The improvement is accompanied by an increase in professional respect, salary, a chance to test myself among other benefits. There are also more chances provided for specialization. I believe that entering into the business studies program makes one finds more opportunities for specialization. The specialties entail human resource, business finance, and accounting.

Moreover, I can decide to specialize in a particular organization like the nonprofit humanitarian sector or the fashion industry. The career path allows me to switch to other diverse jobs in the mid-career. It’s healthy indeed for any human being to change their working environment at some point in their life hence enhancing one's experience and exposure (Ng et al., 2017). The changes are more comfortable to be made in this career when compared to the others because transferring this skill is more comfortable in the organizations than the other professional qualifications acquired from other professions therefore; I believe this is one of the most significant careers because they provide learners with a general idea of business realities.

Education needed/Job Description

Business management professionals work in various roles that entail top executives, management analysts, and sales managers. The field offers multiple career entry points and paths, welcoming individuals from different instructions backgrounds. Any professional that aspires to be part of this career enhances their possibilities of success with preparations. Beginning from high school, the students should take classes on science and mathematics as they prepare to join the business and management career. The computer offers knowledge and skills that are vital in business programs, software, and applications. Communication courses are also crucial in helping business professionals in polishing professional verbal and written communication skills. Additionally, the students can prepare for this career by joining student organizations and groups, receiving significant work experience, and participating in society (Ng et al., 2017).

A standard instructional requirement for most business fields is a degree. At the associate level, management and business courses usually concentrate on the foundational skills and knowledge in reasoning, decision making, and teamwork. In the bachelor's program, learners should focus on the specific fields in business like finance, accounting, or marketing. The programs are core because they entail practical assignments that enhance student contextualization of their training, such as internships and capstone projects. Some of the core courses found in business management programs involve business law, entrepreneurship, and introduction to marketing, international business, and human resource management.

Masters in the business administration (MBA) offer learners' skills and knowledge in various areas like leadership, management, analysis, and research. The graduates at this rank can pursue multiple leadership roles in business management. There is diversity in requirements depending on the institution. However, the applicants of an MBA must have a bachelor's degree and also present GRE or GMAT scores, admissions essays, and professional recommendations (Brock et al., 2017). Additionally, some of the programs recommend the necessity for a business experience before admission.

Furthermore, the business certified can make advancements in their career with a doctor of business administration (DBA) or Ph.D. The Ph.D. concentrates on research and the preparation of the graduates for a profession in academia. On the other hand, the DBA focuses on practice-oriented skills, thus preparing graduates for the various leadership roles in the business field. The courses can vary in the programs. However, the most usual courses in this graduate business program entail managerial finance, operations management, and organizational behavior.

Besides the undergraduate and graduate degree, the business qualified can precede their career by professional certification. The business management certifications reveal their specialized skills and knowledge to the employers, thus raising the aspirants' competitiveness in the employment market (Vveinhardt &Gulbovaite, 2016). The most frequent business certifications entail the certified business analysis professional, certified professional manager, and project management professional. The candidates with these certifications should have given business experience and education that aligns with their planned career pathway.

The portion of jobless labor force refers to as unemployment. The unemployment rate is a lagging pointer meaning that it overall falls and rises depending on the changing economic situations rather than predicting them. Currently, in the United States, most graduates with a degree in business management are employed. Additionally, the unemployed utilize their skills at the beginning of small businesses that have the likelihood to expand. Some usual jobs that business management focuses entail lodging manager with an average wage of $55,100 per annum, management analyst at a mean of $ 87,980 per year. It also involves the human resource manager with an average salary of $ 108,600 per annum (Ng et al., 2017). The career requires that one have personality features that are core in helping in the day to day activities. The kind of necessary personality traits entails self-awareness, fairness, enthusiasm, knowledge, decisiveness, creativity, endurance, and culture. The reason that makes me like this career path is that the business management degree is just good. It helps in the gaining of knowledge in managing people, encourages teamwork, and directs them so that everyone works with the common goal. The management degree is also vital because most organizations are typically preferred as one of the significant techniques while hiring people for a job.

Another thing that I like about this career is that it is not harder than the other college degrees. One has to do the readings, homework, and have some mathematical skills to succeed. The meaning of this is that if one was useful in the high school subjects, they could perform well in this career (Brock et al., 2017).

A Day in the Life

As I work daily in my organization, I usually lose sight of what takes place in the outside world. I take my time to analyze the businesses taking place in the organization. It enables me to take a broad understanding of what others do, including what has happened and what has not, thus allowing me to have current knowledge of the business world and the complicated concerns that relate to it. In the process of analyzing and solving business concerns, I have always developed the capabilities to strategically reason.

Working in this profession has always been my dream. My chance to work in my current position lets me give my all in ensuring that the organization attains the best productivity. I usually do this by taking extra duties and overtime to achieve the company’s vision Vveinhardt &Gulbovaite, 2016. Additionally, experience has always taught me the importance of working as a team. Teamwork has always been my way of working because it enhances my knowledge and skills in the same field.

Collaboration entails mutual group efforts to attain universal objectives or finish tasks efficiently and effectively (Brock et al., 2017). I see this idea within the team framework that includes a group of interdependent people that work together towards attaining the company's objectives. Furthermore, I usually travel if only I have individual meetings or deals that are meant to benefit the company.

Positives and negative Challenges in this Career

The small businesses are meant to exploit the distinct set of expertise, knowledge, and concepts of their owners to sell services and products. Work experience and education significantly differ from one entrepreneur to the other. Likewise, diverse business types require various sets of proficiency and skills to enhance success. The study of business management is of considerable significance to entrepreneurs and those that are hired. The knowledge in this field enhances one's business skills. Individuals without formal business education might find it hard to handle most business tasks, such as creating a business plan, negotiating, and accounting (Bartz& Rice, 2017). The study of business, therefore, improves a person's capability to analyze data, make better predictions, and enhance financial decisions concerning the future. The study of business can help one to understand what he/she wants and plans so one can be proactive.

The study of business management also enhances training on management. The business programs concentrate on finance to allow business managers and owners to budget and have knowledge of the profit or loss and other quantitative evaluations (Kautonen et al., 2017). However, today's education focuses on the individual's management, interpersonal relations, joining hands to attain results, and communication. Effective management enables one to experience working with others with a common objective.

The business skills and knowledge also enhances an individual's credibility. The study of business management entails an MBA degree. Any MBA degree holder sought after the top management positions in organizations.

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