Essay Example on a Glimpse Into History: Werner Reich's Story

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Date:  2023-02-27

It is consternating how history is preserved for years to enhance future references. The most commonly used methods are the use of writings and tales that give the current generation a glimpse of what transpired in the past days. The story of Werner Reich, a holocaust survivor, takes us back to what he went through during his early teenage. In Germany, where Werner Reich was brought up, education was offered based on the ethnic background of a child. The Jews, in particular, were the victim of being discriminated against all the time in Germany. Werner narrates how he was discriminated in terms of education in Germany, and so he never enjoyed good schooling services back then. When the war between Germany and Yugoslavia broke out, Werner's father lost his job as a mechanical and electrical engineer and embarked on military services. At the time of his demise, Werner was merely 12 years old, and this marked the genesis of his tough life experience. Remarkably enough, Werner Reich went through life's traumas alone without any close relative or friend to lean his shoulder on. He admits that the last time he set his eyes on his mother was during the time he was imprisoned after having been a member of a resistance movement in Germany.

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The interview of Werner Reich unravels the uncouth ruling of Hitler soon after he takes the mantle of being the president of Germany, and this is accompanied by occurrences of war and manhandling of the naive children. Werner also reveals the fact that Hitler was highly discriminative. The Jews, at some point, were forced to protest because they were the victims of the situation. However, the Germans, through Hitler, manage to manoeuvre out their way by camouflaging to be good to the Jews community. As a Jew, Werner Reich was captured at the time he was only 15 years of age. Despite being this young, he received no mercy from the many police officers he came into contact with. Reich admits that he was very naive during this hardship endeavour yet very optimistic to set his feet from the Jaws of detention. Werner Reich was taken to three different concentration camps, received all sorts of brutal treatment from soldiers, yet he still could see some light at the end of the tunnel. It is during one of these concentration camps that Werner met great Nivelli, who performed him a card trick, and he became spawned by the magic. From this encounter, Werner started to crave the art of performing a card trick, too, and this dream became valid.

It is surprising how the Jews did not have their luck in most of the holocaust. In a different holocaust, a similar story is realised where the Jews are yet victimised. The Nazi regime killed six million jews during world war two. This holocaust was fully sponsored by the state soon after the Nazis came to power in 1933. The Nazis held a strong belief that the Germans were the superpower state while the Jews felt under the inferior community. The Nazi group decided to invade concentration camps where the Jews were jailed in and killed a number of the Jews in those camps. Later on, when the Jews found their freedom, they were still under curtailed by the fear of being attacked and killed is that they were always the hated category and also inferior. The Jewish holocaust survivors were left with very limited chances of surviving the terror of the Nazis. Most of the survivors became emigrants before Jewish agencies came in time to provide solace for the survivors. In both the holocausts, the survivors underwent brutal treatment from the experiences of the world wars 1&2. The Museum's Database of holocaust survivors located in the US entails all the victims that succumbed to the hostility of the World War 1&2. In the interview, Werner Reich explained how the Jews were highly looked down upon and it is for this reason that he was also arrested. From the information found in the Museum's Database of the holocaust survivors, the Jews still fall under the list of those who lost their lives during the wars under the Nazi regime. Also included in the Museum's database are the political prisoners who never had luck on their side to walk free from the concentration camps.

Even though the holocaust in both World War 1 and 2 underwent through different traumas and daunting experiences, they never gave up. Werner Reich in World War 1 was very optimistic that he was going to be released from the concentration camps. Despite being a nave child of only 15 years and alone in these trying moments, he never lost his focus in life. O the other hand, the Jews survivors from World War 2 were determined to find a new life after being liberated from the Nazi community. The Jews were looked down upon, but that did not daunt them so much. This source of information is of optimum use to the historians who want to unravel much information about the holocaust survivors. Historians find it undisputed that the camps where the holocausts took place were not all friendly ones. All kinds of humiliation and frustrations awaited the victims who visited those camps.

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