Essay Example on Berlin Wall: Stopping the Exodus of East German Professionals

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Date:  2023-06-06


The Berlin Wall was built in 1961 to stop the exodus from the eastern part of Germany famously known as the communist part. Most of the people were moving to the more prosperous west of Germany. It is estimated that just between 1949 and 1961 approximately 2.6 million of the Eastern German had managed to escape. Many of them were skilled professional, hence their exodus to the west was a great loss. Ultimately, the German Democratic Republic felt the damage of the exodus on the country's social and economical prospect. East Germany decided to close the entire border by erecting the wall, on 13th August 1961. It was referred by the eastern German authorities as the anti-fascist protection barrier meant to protect the east German from the west German. The major difference between east and west German can be explained by mentioning that most of the people who are in east German grew up under communism. This explains their stronger social and collective mentality. On the other hand, the west German are democrats, they exude the individualistic character. They are people who can question authority. Moreover, West German was a prosperous region that the reason why most of the eastern fled to search for better living standards. During the segregation on the Berlin Wall era, music became an instrument that would later become a contributing factor to the fall of the Berlin wall. Pop and Rock music form the common soundtrack that becomes a cold war device. Pop music played a key role in the momentum and moving stories, messages as well as the feelings of people about the Berlin wall division. The famous artist known as Nena who was a German pop star released the hit song known as "99 Luftballoons" which in English means "99 Red Balloons". The song was inspired by balloons floating over the berlin wall, triggering 99 years of war which ruin the whole plane. Therefore, sending a message of what the Berlin wall could result. Ideally, the wall was used to prevent the mass exodus of people from east German to west German. It resulted in a revolution that later results in the fall of the Berlin wall. The Berlin Wall caught the world's attention as a result of the cold war erupted between the east and the west through various media. Music contributed a lot to the result of the Wall fall out.

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Music Genre

Pop Music was the music genre that becomes common and a binding remedy that was needed inquest to bring down the Wall of Berlin. The European begin adopting this method from the west. The idea was to use music to express their feeling and convey their dissatisfaction caused by the Berlin Wall, which acted as a barrier between the East and West German. For instance, the 21st century Brown Film is a very good example that explains the power of music in bringing about political and cultural changes within our society, in this case, the aftermath of the Berlin wall. In the documentary presented by Brown, the overall message has been supported and confirmed by the iconic Rock and pop music stars, that music was an important vehicle that assists in driving a revolution change and slowly demolishing the iron curtain. Furthermore, Brown cited numerous eastern artists. Although, most of these rises failed since the Soviet Union at the time continue to restrict rock and roll to overgrown its background status. It was until the 80's when Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev began to steadily loosen the strictness that the artistic regime began to find grounds of expression.

Music Pop and Rock stars such as Elton John, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen are among who caused the uprising by holding the cultural event to raise eastern and western Germans spirit to help loosen the regime grip using vocal-instrumental ensembles. Freedom restriction leads to the oppressed population, that had to find means to express their grievances and they found it in the music. Through continuous unity in songs and spirit, the people of the west and east German were able to strip away the Berlin Wall beyond any doubt. Perhaps, freedom is and will remain the most especial pillar among the human being race.

The Censorship From the Government

The government put some strict measures towards the music and artists and also the distribution of albums. It kept the right by not allowing exhibition or publication based on form. The rule had enforced strict laws on standards of decency for instance pornography and homosexuality. The bureaucratic system of legendary creation allowed the government to regulate and coordinate the production of literature in the GDR. Perhaps, this makes the state to inspire its people and interpretation of the poetry in the GDR. The poetry censorship system was self-possessed of a complex and large network in different institutions. The GDR control system was in two sections; it was applied through the responsible ministries, divisions and sectors and also the SED. The process of censoring followed precise steps to enable the state to design and govern the literature that is going to be issued in the GDR.

The censorship in the theatre was controlled at various state levels which was led by SED. It mostly involved the Culture Department of the SED's Central Committee and the Ministry of culture. However, the Stasi was used as a tool to track any development that emerged in the theatre. Art censorship mostly involved rules and policies. By disobeying the enforced rules thorough penalties were applied. Any party which goes against the rule was warned and the material which is in question was not going to be published. Disciplinary measures also were taken including house arrest and or arrest. The party members could be barred from the SED. If the said creator had any political relationships the process of censorship could be affected also


The Berlin Wall which was built in 1961, was meant to be a barrier used to prevent an exodus that saw millions of people moving from East Germany to prosperous West Germany. It was coined as an anti-fascist protection barrier. However, the rise of Rock and Pop music became an important instrument that helps to unite the people together in spirit, hence little by little putting pressure on the demolishing and stripping away of the Berlin Wall. The GDR had put in place a censorship program to oversee the music used in Eastern German. Perhaps, the people, artists, and leader's willpower were too high and firm that lead to stripping away the wall of Berlin by 1990.


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