Essay Example on 19th-Century Homosexuality & Female Impersonation: A Historical Overview

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Date:  2023-02-23

Female impersonation and homosexuality are very rampant in the current society as it was in the past. The history of these unwarranted activities traces way back in the 19th Century. Before the world war, two homosexuality and female impersonation were highly practised in the United States of America.This became rampant, and a team was dispatched to investigate this conduct. Gay and female impersonation had taken centre stage which attracted people from all works of life to this kind of crooked business Men donned women clothes and frequently organized parties in which many gay and people alike were invited. A collective kind of life was developed by men in Newport, a small town in the USA and identified them with a subculture extending beyond the small town to other parts of the city.

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During the war, military mobilization made gay men explore new sexual possibilities because of the separation from their family and neighbourhood (D mail, 2014). At this time they met other gay men who introduce them to this kind of vice. At the naval homosexual activities were very common as servicemen openly indulged in homosexuality since the queers served females and provided sexual pleasure to the men in uniform. This prompted the authorities to carry an investigation, and those found culpable were prosecuted in courts of law. This is as a result of many indiscipline cases that were reported that were otherwise reducing the performance and service delivery. The investigation also found out that churchmen were also involved in this peculiar behaviour but defended themselves by saying that it a social norm that was outrightly accepted.Even though clergymen tried to minister to the thousands of men joining the military to avoid this kind of behaviour, their work was not strongly felt.

The impact of sexuality and same-sex was strongly felt as it had eroded the moral and the cultures of society. Research and study had to be conducted in order to shape up the society. Measures had to be undertaken in order to do away with this vice which had dismantled many families. These include the formation of liberation movements that really changed the sexual landscape of the nation. The affected had to be taken for counselling. To add on, hundreds of men and women came out and condemned the act of the same eroticism. The expansion of capital and the spread of wage labour played a significant role in shaping morality and eliminating homosexuality. Through this, the ideology of family life was strongly championed for.

The transition of the family from the past household family-based economy to a fully developed capitalist free labour economy also played a crucial role in eradicating homosexuality. The family took on a new significance as an effective unit, an institution that not only produced goods but also emotional satisfaction and happiness. Therefore, many men started embracing family life. Prosecuting and sentencing those found culpable were among the measures taken to eradicate these cases. The sailors and the military were not spared in this strict measure to wipe out feminism and homosexuality.

The survival mechanism by the LGBT community (Tran's community, lesbian, gay community)

The Trans community, the lesbians and the gay community have for a long time been discriminated by the rest of the society. This is as a result of many people believe that they are outcast since what they do not conform with the societies norms. The Trans community, for instance, has for a long time been discriminated against because of their skin colour but not because of their incapacity. Many of their rights have been infringed and denied social justice in some instances. And as a result, they have devised a survival mechanism to beat these odds.

The right to fair treatment was put at stake since these communities were regarded as outcasts and therefore could not be treated equally as other people. The gays and the lesbians were considered as immoral and therefore not allowed to preside over important functions or be granted leadership positions

The right to expression was also curtailed. These groups of people were not allowed to express themselves freely. The black women, for instance, could not air out their views and be heard which them to form movements such as the Chicano movement a women league

The black women (The Trans Community), for instance, had to hold strongly to their ideologies and their beliefs. Their belief that they are superior just like their white counterparts and can do anything just like the rest. Also, they had activists who championed for their rights and strongly spoke against the white male rule.

Black feminist politics also played a crucial role in black women liberation.Political realization played a fundamental role in motivating and driving the women to fight for their rights (Hooks, Bell 2000). Their realization that they can hold the position of leadership just like women from the rest of the world.Moreover, Anti resist an anti-sexist position drew many of the black women to not all fight for the rights but also look for positions of leadership. The discrimination in place of work and social places prompted them to speak and form movements which fought for their rights. This is as a result of their rights and lives being put at stake. Their privacy also interfered.

Not all members really agreed to stand up and champion for their rights. This is due to the lack of forum and adequate resource to marshal people and seeks justice. In addition, many black men have had negative reactions to the black women movements instead of supporting them strongly against any injustice they might encounter.

The lesbian community and the gay community had activists who fought for their rights and represented the community in courts of law. Also, Movements such as the Chicano were formed by the solidly fought for the rights of the gays. Black feminist issues and projects were also started up to champion for the rights of the black women. Through this, a range of issues such as race sex and class are addressed (Collins, Hill 2002). This community also faced a myriad of challenges such as discrimination unfair treatment in social places and denial of their rights since they were considered to be unclean.

Even though these groups went through various challenges, not all members of these groups really stood up and fought for their rights. This is because of the lack of knowledge that they were supposed to stand up and speak. Others kept silent at the hands of the oppressors while others stood and condemned any form of injustices they were subjected to.

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