After a School Shooting are Parents to Blame? Essay Example

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Date:  2022-09-18

The school shooting has become an issue that has demanded an immediate address. Children in schools are murdered, and some seriously injured almost on a daily basis. The school violence is a symbolic potency since most of us like thinking that the schools in which the kids attend are safe. This has not always been true with the rising cases of shooting. (Christensen, 4) It is unbelievable that the schools attended by the children may be a place of death or injury. I, therefore, concur that parents are always to blame for shooting in schools and in particular their inability to give proper discipline to their children among other reasons. (Earley, 8) I will support this statement in the entire paper justifying it with adequate reasons.

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Firstly, the focus is on the school and in particular what triggers the shooter act. The reason behind that is seen in the scenario where an individual is bullied by their colleagues hence getting tempted to shoot them. The big question is where the shooter acquires the gun, and this takes us to the parental responsibility. (Gold, et al. 23) Of course, the killer did not get the guns from school either from a woodshop where they could have bought. The students in possession of guns came with them from their homes where properly were obtained by their parents. (Langman, 12The understanding of where the guns originated makes us to a conclusion that parents are entirely to blame for the gun shooting in schools.

Ideally, we cannot talk about school violence without having to recognize where the actual violence was nurtured. It is as a result of a parent's negligence to secure a firearm while at home. Most of the parents assume their responsibilities towards their children. (Lieberman, 34). They do not set aside time to teach their children about moral behaviors. It is apparent that a parent does spend most of his or her time with the child where they are expected to teach them about the consequences of crime. It is very awkward to call the actions of a child crime which his or her parent ought to have brought it out to the child. (Miller, 12)

The statistics reveal that about one- third of the households having children is reported possessing at least a gun and approximately 43% of them is reported keeping firearms. This is a clear indication that children are really exposed to guns and are most likely tempted to take them to schools. (Rotbart, 15) The individuals who purportedly avails those guns are their parents the reason they should be entirely blamed for shooting in schools.

Moreover, parental negligence towards their responsibility to disciple their children becomes another point of concern to the issues. Most of the parents today do not discipline their children, and most of the children, therefore, grew up with guns purporting not to hurt anybody with them. (Newman, 6) Typically, we vary regarding how we control anger. If for instance a kid is used to possession of a gun, there are higher chances that the same child would use it in a circumstance where he/she is unable to control their anger. A parent, therefore, must provide enough restriction access to guns by their children to avoid being blamed for any arising crimes. (Shriver, 7) I fully support the statement that after the school shooting, parents are to be blamed.

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