Environmental Consulting Companies - Assignment Example

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What is environmental consulting?

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Ball and Maleyeff (2003) refer the term environmental consulting as a kind of compliance consulting that involves the consultant who ensures that the client upholds the appropriate measure of compliance with environmental guidelines. The role of the environmental consultant is to address the environmental issues like air quality, water pollution, and soil contamination. They perform a due diligence study of the environment to define the impact of the new building, bridge, town, and any manmade projects. There are various forms of the environmental consultant. However, in this case, we are going to focus on two forms, those who enter the field from the environment side and those from the industry side. The environment consultant ensures that there is no significant threat to the environment like degradation.

List the name of each company and some of the primary services it provides

The first company is Environmental Resource Management (ERM). it is an organization that is supported by competitive advantage that is characterized with good relationship that they have with the clients, by offering environmental, health, safety, and peril services. It is to ensure that the clients respect the business and regulatory needs (ERM - Environmental Resources Management, 2018). The second company is ATKINS. The company offers a complete range of services that are beneficial to the public and the private sector to evaluate, enumerate, illustrate and manage their correlation with the natural environment and to get ready for the climate change (Sustainability & environmental consultancy, 2018). A third company is Jacobs's Environmental Consulting Company. The company offers services to consultants who specialize in the environment services like accentuating in the process of engineering and business orientation that is an important element of environmental control, conduct as well as maintenance of projects (Jacobs Consultancy, 2018).

Compare and contrast the companies. Do some specialize in one area of environmental consulting?

Since the three companies are specialized in the environmental consulting services, they all have similar goals. They have fundamental and imperative roles to take. They conduct site assessment that scrutinizes the manner to which the policies are achieved in everything including carbon foot printing, waste management, land reclamation, and importance of renewed energy. However the goals to achieve are mutual, various distinctions bring the issue of contrast between them. As for the Environment resource management, the base unit services are health, safety together with the risk services involved with their clients. While ATKINS consulting company specializes in ensuring that there is a prolonged environmental, economic and social stability through the early integration of sustainability consideration into the policy, project and plan development. Jacob's consultancy has developed vast ecological technologies that monitor the environment regarding atmosphere, liquid, and stout waste technologies. Many of these organizations lack the common area of specialization. The three organizations share a common area of expertise where they have a common interest in issues with the climate change and same interest in the health and safety of the consumers.

Pick one of the companies to recommend in your report. Which assessment services do you think your company will use initially to identify contamination and if contamination is found in the initial evaluation, what services do you think your business will use? Why did you pick this particular company?

My recommendation will be Atkins consulting company services since their services concentrate on the broad perspective besides considering the environmental aspect which is not seen in other companies. The unique thing about the Atkins is that they apply the three pillars of sustainability, which are economic, social and environmental pillars, and they are crucial in their operations. The three pillars are intertwined and hence none of them can be exempted. In the beginning, the company will apply the assessment service like the health and security sources to be able to define the contamination on the abandonment of the site. The company has to modify to accommodate such ecological matters since they are valuable on the matters of contamination together with high exposure possibility, therefore, becoming risky for individuals.


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