Environmental Analysis of Overlake Medical Center Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-23

Overlake Medical Center is a non-profit medical centre which provides a full range of various advanced hospital services to Puget Sound part. Overlake Medical Center is found in Bellevue, Washington. The medical centre is normally affiliated with other organisations that are health-related. The primary service region of the Overlake Medical Center is from Bothell which extends to Renton and from Cascade mountains stretching to the Lake Washington. Overlake Medical Center offers outpatient, inpatient and various forms of emergency care services. Overlake Medical Center is committed to provide and maintain the highest standards in the medical care which makes its patients as well as their families to prefer Overlake.

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Furthermore, this is the main reason why the organisation has acquired several recognitions and awards both nationally and regionally. , and it remains to depend upon the volunteers who support the primary operations carried out by the hospital. This paper will analyse the internal and external environment of the Overlake hospital, summarise findings related to the current challenges and opportunities facing Overlake hospital, and identify critical structural features of the Overlake hospital that determines the forces governing competition.

An organisation's internal environment refers to a system, structures, people, conditions, and events that are inside the company which is under the control of the organisation. The mission statement, organisation culture as well as leadership style are among the factors that are related to the internal organisation's environment of Overlake Medical Center. According to Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne, (2013), the internal environment forces will affect the activities of the organisation and the behaviour and decisions of workers. An internal factor that affects Overlake Medical Center is the diverse and quality speciality physicians. Overlake Medical Center provides quality services across its hospital centres. This internal factor impacts the healthcare future as it offers care to all the patients and enhances the life quality of the community surrounding Bellevue. Another internal factor influencing Overlake Medical Center is having leadership stability. Stability in leadership helps the healthcare organisations to continue with the activities aimed at enhancing prosperity in the sector which enables the organisation in providing reassurance to the patients and employees.

The first force of the external environment that affects the organisation is the level of competition. While the competitiveness is increasing, Overlake Medical Center has been pushed in becoming more strategically proactive; additionally, the more rivalry competition is, the higher the need of the healthcare organisation to embrace innovation.

The competitive strategy of an organisation is usually derived from the taking of an organisation's weaknesses and strengths as well as determining if every activity may be utilized as a competitive advantage. While assessing the Overlake Medical Center's external and internal forces to evaluate its impact on the organisation's competitive approach, one requires looking at the significant competitors found within their region of operation and their results. Overlake Medical Center operates from many resources such as health care reimbursement, capital campaign, donor campaign, and endowment building. The boards of directors that the organisation works with have direct responsibility for all its generation of useful resources that promote the organisation development.

Overlake Medical Center frequently serves as a customer base for all people from different regions, races, and all ages. Overlake Medical Center has many stakeholders being that it is a non-profit organisation such as the members of the board, and different people who seek for the health services that are provided by the hospital. Overlake Medical Center has several competitors who also offer health services in its regions. However, Overlake Medical Center remains outstanding among its competitors since it usually exercises diversification when providing all its medical services that are on its programs. An example of an opportunity that face Overlake Medical Center is the availability of new markets in regions surrounding Bellevue.

The long-term care facilities utilised by Overlake Medical Center constitute an important feature of its competitive strength. The significant advantage of the organisation over its competitors is that it has a broader geographic and market coverage region. Overlake Medical Center has a mission statement that is much comprehensive. The mission statement utilised by Overlake Medical Center declares that the organisation is entitled to providing of compassionate touch to every life that it allows for health services ("Overlake Medical Center", 2018). The organisation's vision postulates that it aims at providing a thriving and vibrant health system in the Eastside which promotes the well-being and health of the community.

Furthermore, the values of the Overlake Medical Center are what drives its behaviors and process of decision making. The other feature of the organisation structure that acts as its dominant force in the competitive market is the use of integrated measures. Integrated measures help the organisation in enhancing its performance which makes the organisation withstand the competitive market.


To conclude, the healthcare services of Overlake Medical Center acts as a healthy approach to the healthcare industry. There are different levels of strengths and opportunities that the organisation may utilise for its future growth. Overlake Medical Center is committed to provide and maintain the highest standards in the medical care which makes its patients as well as their families to prefer Overlake.


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