Ensuring Occupational Safety: Addressing Hazards & Initiatives - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-08-25


Occupation safety concerns included the band saw was not adequately guarded, oxygen cylinder was stored very close to other combustibles, storage of acetylene was too close to an exit. There was an opening in the circuit breaker box; the belt and pulley were not correctly guarded (Swanson, 2019). After the evaluation, the leadership addressed all these hazards and took other initiatives to improve the situation, for example attending MIOSHA Training Institute Courses (Swanson, 2019). The actions significantly reduced TRC from 6.2 percent to about 2 percent in three years. Additionally, the company has realized a reduction in compensation to workers due to injuries and the accompanying cost, and also reduced the losses that used to occur due to negligence (Swanson, 2019).

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Catty Corporation

Catty Corporation being a manufacturing industry, had several occupational safety hazards such as improper guarding of moving parts of the machine, poorly insulated power cables, employees not having masks during operation (Harden, 2019). The inspection of the facility by OSHA on December 17, 2014, which subsequently resulted in a fine of $ 29400 made the organization to act swiftly by allowing Illinois On-Site Safety and Health Consultant Program to work with the company in instituting the changes (Harden, 2019). Moreover, the management installed SharePoint through which the employees could report any incidence of safety. These were then mailed to the safety team for investigation and, subsequently, correction of the hazard. The reporting was done anonymously, but after one year, the employees could openly report on the dangers, and this was seen as a measure of culture change in the organization. The organization was later accepted into SHARP by OSHA, and this showed that the company had instituted all the requirements in occupational safety (Harden, 2019).

Confor Southern Pine

Woodcutting occupation can have health hazards such as injuries and inhaling of wood particles. The facility also had other health hazards in housekeeping, machine guarding, personal protective hazards, and lockout (Olivier, 2019). In trying to reduce accidents in the company, the management reached to AR/DOL, OSHA Consultation Division that assisted in implementing engineering controls, safe work procedures, and PPE as well (Olivier, 2019). The measures instilled a culture of safety in the company and enabled the company to save a lot and reinvest in the upgrading of equipment in the facility. The incidences of injuries and illnesses resulting from occupational safety reduced drastically, and the company was absorbed in SHARP in 2002, and since then, it has remained an active participant (Olivier, 2019).

Procino Enterprises

In this company, the occupational and health safety hazard that can occur is the exposure to hexavalent chromium in the plating area. The Delaware OSHC recommended that proper ventilation was the remedy for the concern (Procino, 2019). The director accelerated the implementation of this necessity. Also, the company changed the fume suppressant used initially, and a follow-up sampling showed that the hazard was significantly reduced (Procino, 2019).


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