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Date:  2022-11-09


Amazon uses various forms of bureaucratic information to control workers. The company treats information as sacred tools of control for the employees. Transparency is fundamental to the culture of Amazon regarding high achieving employees and the lower achieving employees. Employees are made to work for long hours into the night with little time to rest (Jong 2016). The company reserves the monotony for how the employees get to work. Prompt text messages requesting for a response follow emails that arrive after midnight. The company encourages employees to rip apart their colleagues' ideas during meetings as a way of keeping the old ideas in check (King and Lawley 2016). Team members are normally ranked and those with the lowest ratings are fired as a way of keeping them in competition and boosting performance. The company offers a feedback widget that allows the employees to send complaints about the colleagues of their superiors to the management.

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Dysfunctions of Bureaucracy

Accenture identified red tape, duplication, and conflict as some of the problems associated with bureaucracy and that is connected with the dysfunction of bureaucracy. Red tape refers to the complex processes as well as rules followed by bureaucrats in the process of completion of their tasks (Merz 2011). Conflict refers to a time when the goals of different agencies of bureaucracies. In such instances, agencies fail to match up and end up working at cross purpose occurrences. Duplication refers to a time when all the agencies seem to be working at the same thing.


The three metaphors of the building blocks, the iceberg, and the river are useful in explaining the rubric of performance management. Building blocks come in to fill up the gap of management and performance. On the other hand, icebergs on the river are normally relevant for a successful crossing of the river.

Performance Management

I have vast experience in performance management at the workplace, similar to Accenture. Motivation plays a central part in the entire management process and works to ensure success for all the employees in the workplace (Jong 2016). Motivation is used in the place of censure of information and the act of pitting employees against one another to heighten competition. Motivation is normally used for poor performance. Although there are normally many factors, motivation is a primary factor in the levels of performance.

The following charts represent the original situation at the organization and the ideal situation as ought to be the case. The current organizational situation is lean and focused on the output of the Hotel. It primarily entails the project sponsor, project manager and the key stakeholders. Ideally, the project ought to be governed via three levels of management.


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